Last week, a customer of ours with a large commercial building gave us a call. Their roof was nearing the end of its working life, and like most of our clients, they were calling for advice on installing a new roof.

The most durable roof lasts at least 20 years, and must keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our client is thinking of PVC and  would like to know of any weaknesses in the roofing material.

We got to thinking about PVC and the biggest weakness of using it for your roof.

Shrinking over time

For many of our clients, this is the biggest weakness of PVC. 

Unfortunately, almost every PVC roof will shrink over time. The seams pull away from the walls and flashing details. Once the membrane splits open, leaks will occur through the gaps and damage the structure below. Repairing can be difficult and is often not very successful.

Shattering during cold weather

If you live in a cold-weather district, this can be the biggest weakness of PVC roofing. We are not talking about the occasional snowfall, but rather long days  with very low temperatures. 

When the weather reaches low temperatures, the PVC will shatter. Think about dropping a pane of glass and how that looks; it can be the same with PVC. The cracks will spread quickly across the roof, and often a full replacement is the only solution. 

If you live in a region with  long, cold months,, then think again before choosing a PVC roof.

The biggest weakness of PVC

Finding fault with PVC can depend on the expected lifespan?, the weather conditions, and the amount of activity that occurs on your roof. 

The biggest weakness is the one that affects your roof more than any other. We always advise clients to consider any significant fault as it applies to their building before investing in a new roof.

Always use a professional contractor when installing a new roof, especially with PVC.

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