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Chaffee Industrial Roofing is Rhode Island’s only 115 year old roofing company, and the best choice for business owners and managers needing a roof replacement for their property. At Chaffee, we go above and beyond to help our customers choose the perfect roof replacement solution that will fit their needs and last for decades. 

From single-ply systems like TPO, PVC, and EPDM roofing to multi-layer systems such as modified bitumen and ‘built-up’ roofing, Chaffee works hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the best possible solution that addresses their needs and fits their budget. 

We use a consultative approach to designing roof systems and break down each and every line item to the customer when creating roof replacement estimations. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all attitude here. Chaffee Industrial roofing is dedicated to delivering first-class craftsmanship and exceeding customer expectations.

Our Process

When a customer contacts us and believes they may need a new roof replacement for their property, we first schedule a free roofing inspection where we’re able to collect  several pieces of information about the existing roof. We look to see:

  • How old is the roof?
  • What kind of roof system is currently on the roof
  • What kind of damage, if any, is on the roof. What is the condition of the roof?
  • Is the roof still under a warranty? 
  • Does the roof need to be replaced or can it be repaired?

Knowing as much as possible about the current roof will help us make the best possible recommendation to our clients. We also determine what kind of business is operating inside the property, as certain industries, such as restaurants, have specific feature requirements like grease traps. We also want to know what daily operations look like.

Chaffee Roofing Roof Design and Estimate
Roof Design

Our Process

  • We always start with a free roof inspection, where we’ll collect data on the existing roof and structure. 
  • We look for damage on the existing roof as well as anything that could inform our decision to make any specific recommendations to our client. 
  • We do this to make sure that the roof, in fact, does need a replacement or if it just needs repairs. 
  • We determine the businesses that reside under the roof, what kind of roof was there before, how long a new roof will last/will be intended to last, what are the daily operations of the business (as to not be disruptive), what is the budget of the client, what is the condition of the existing roof, is an insurance claim involved? Etc. 
  • We develop the most comprehensive evaluation and proposal so that the client is as prepared as they can be before making a decision. 
  • Included in the proposal is photo documentation of the condition of the existing roof, a write-up of the condition of the roof, and suggested courses of action for a re-roofing project.
    • Which type of roof to install
    • Which type of installation method
    • Why the client should consider certain options (cost-focused, local climate needs, type of business under the roof (restaurants and grease traps, etc.)
  • Pricing for each proposal: Good, Better, Best.

Roofing Options

  • While there are an overwhelming number of roofing options available to choose from, we don’t drown our customers in options.
  • We work hard to cultivate a handful of select options that represent the best choices available to our client so they aren’t left to second guess themselves indefinitely.
  • We examine the desired budget of our client and give options that are right on target, slightly below, and slightly above so they can visualize the differences within the range of pricing.
Chaffee Roofing Roof Repair
Roof Repairs

Quality Workmanship

  • You will not find a roof installation project in the New England area that the Chaffee Roofing team is not proud of. 
  • Our crews are some of the best trained and experienced professionals in New England. 
  • Chaffee Industrial Roofing team members and crews are capable of taking on any roofing project, no matter the size or scope.
  • We guarantee our craftsmanship for 2+ years on every project we complete.

Why Choose Chaffee?

  • Here at Chaffee we’re dedicated to delivering the highest-quality roofing solutions that are perfect for our clients.
  • We go the extra mile to educate our clients on the benefits and drawbacks of the types of roofing systems that are available to them so that they make the best long (or short term) decision. 
  • We are focused on giving clients our best advice and suggestions as well as our finest craftsmanship, not on maximizing profit at the expense of everything else. 
  • We’re committed to understanding each of our clients’ unique needs and will only offer solutions that help them achieve their roofing goals.
  • Have you heard the story of the family that goes to a car dealership to buy a minivan only to get swindled by a salesman and eventually leave with a sports car? That’s not Chaffee. With us, you’re more likely to be asked “is this car big enough for your whole family 10 years from now?”
  • We are a team of sharp, professional roofing experts who carry themselves with dignity and respect. 
  • We know you’ve seen guys in unkempt t-shirts in a truck promising stellar roofing solutions. You’ve seen how it’s false advertising. 
  • Chaffee is a clean-cut, 4th generation family business that has lasted over a century due to our commitment to professionalism, honesty, and delivering results that make a difference. 

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