Roof Design and Estimate

After the Existing Roof Evaluation is completed, we begin our process to find solutions to create our flat roof estimate. Based on your existing roof conditions, we typically offer two types of solutions:

New Roof Installation

If a new roof is recommended, we start off by reviewing the information we obtained. This includes the type of building you have, the existing flat roof system in place, and the type of operations that run out of the building.

Based on this information, we design a custom flat roof estimate that matches your buildings unique requirements. This includes the type of flat roofing membrane to provide and install, along with the type and thickness of rigid insulation that meets building code and other requirements. We also custom design the edge metal system, gutter system, and other details that will be visible from the ground to best fit the aesthetics of your building and requirements of your new flat roof.

Once we have a design in place, we will create a thorough proposal that includes overview pictures of your roof system, our core test analysis, and defect pictures to show why this roof merits replacement. Afterwards, we create a customized scope of work for your building that shows exactly what we are proposing to do, the cost associated with scope of work, and the warranty that will be included.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will schedule the job for installation.

Roof Design

Service Work

If service work is recommended, we highlight the problems with your roof system and recommend a solution for how these problems can be solved. This is either done at a contract price, or a time and materials rate. After our proposal is accepted, the customer is put in direct contact with our service forman, who will be the same person that always performs repairs and maintenance on their building. That way, our service forman gets familiar with the building itself, along with the operations inside the building, so that the work can be performed as efficient and effective as possible.

Roof Repairs