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Rubber Roof Repairs

No scope of work is too big or small for us. We have handled roof repair projects that are completed the first time our service foreman inspects your roof, and we handled projects that require a full crew to be on-site for weeks. If the roof can be repaired, Chaffee will take care of it!

Chaffee Roofing How to Repair a Rubber Roof

Service – PVC Roofing Repair

PVC Roofing can be difficult to repair because defects can be caused from a variety of sources. If the PVC roof system is newer, the leak source is most likely from poor quality welding.

Chaffee Roofing Installing PVC Roofing

Service – TPO Roofing Repair

TPO Roofing can be difficult to repair because defects are typically caused by heat welding, a process that requires experience to install and experience to find a defect in. Knowing how to probe a TPO roof, and where to probe a TPO roof, requires extensive experience.

Chaffee Roofing Repair Roof TPO System

Service – EPDM Rubber Roofing Repair

EPDM roofing, or “Rubber Roofing” can be difficult to repair, because the leak sources can change based on the era that the roof was installed, and who the manufacturer was. Older EPDM roofs tends to have problems with the seams and flashings, due to splicing cement being used. 

Chaffee Roofing Repair EDPM Roof

Service – Built-Up Roofing Repair

At Chaffee Roofing, we have extensive experience repairing built up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and other flat asphalt roof systems. This means that we know where to look for defects, how to patch them and what to patch them with. This allows us to get better results in quicker time, a win-win for any building owner!

Chaffee Roofing Repair Built Up Roof

Service – Preventative Maintenance

Poor roof maintenance is one of the leading causes of failure. Avoid those problems and save money with a preventative roof maintenance program!

Chaffee Roofing Preventative Maintenance

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