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PVC Roofing can be difficult to repair because defects can be caused from a variety of sources. If the PVC roof system is newer, the leak source is most likely from poor quality welding. If the PVC roof system is older, it can be caused from a variety of sources, including shrinking or shattering PVC membrane. The correct repair to make depends highly on the problem found. If it is a newer PVC roof, welding a PVC patch is typically the correct course of action. On older PVC roof systems, where small shatters may exist throughout the entire roof system, liquid flashings or other sealant products may be a more cost effective solution based on the life expectancy of the roof system.

At Chaffee Roofing, we have extensive experience repairing PVC roof systems. We will always take into consideration the problem you are having, along with the expected life expectancy of the roof system, while making repairs. This will allow us to get the best results possible at a cost effective price.

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