Preventative Maintenance Services

Extend the life of your roof and prevent emergency roof repairs

Chaffee Industrial Roofing has been New England’s top choice for commercial roof maintenance for over 100 years. When it comes to protecting your investments and extending the life of your commercial roof, none of the roofing companies in Rhode Island get it done quite like Chaffee. 

We’ve been around long enough to experience just about every kind of problem that can happen to a commercial roof system if left untreated – that’s why we recommend preventative maintenance services to the businesses of New England!

Preventative maintenance is the regularly scheduled maintenance of a commercial roof that aims to rectify small issues that could affect the roofs performance in the long run, while additionally annotating areas of concern for the property manager or owner to be aware of. Maintenance can include cleaning of roofs, clearing debris from drainage points (i.e drains, gutters, scuppers), repairing seams and punctures, as well as performing minor sealant repairs (i.e pipe penetrations, pourable sealer pockets, etc.) 

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Services

When you take care of something it can last forever (or maybe just a lot longer than you planned for!) Take a classic car from 50 years ago, for example: when it’s washed, waxed, and detailed with all maintenance kept up to date, as well as kept under a cover in a garage that protects it from the harsh elements, it can look as new as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Since your roof can’t hide from the elements and the devastating effects of the sun, the next best option is scheduling preventative maintenance service for your commercial roof!

Whether your roof is 25 years old or brand new, a preventative maintenance plan is crucial to extending the life of your roof and preventing costly repairs. You can even in some cases receive an extended manufacturer’s warranty when you treat your new commercial roof to a scheduled maintenance program!

  • Cost savings: when you identify and address minor issues you reduce their chance of evolving into major commercial roofing problems down the road. Protect your business from unforeseen roof failures and blown budgets!
  • Extend the life of your roof: regular maintenance can do wonders in prolonging the working life of your commercial roof, saving money by delaying the need for an expensive roof replacement. Think of what several extra years of roof life could afford your business!
  • Improved energy efficiency: well maintained roofs can often improve energy efficiency in your building by improving insulation and eliminating air seepage via leaks in the roof. See a noticeable drop in operational costs when your property is functioning efficiently. 
  • Maintain & Extend manufacturer’s warranty: All roof manufacturer’s require basic maintenance to keep their warranties in good standing. Most of the maintenance is minor, such as clearing debris from roof drains, but is essential to keeping your roof running at its best.  In some cases select manufacturers will extend their warranty anywhere from 2-5+ years if you provide proof of a preventative maintenance service program with one of your trusted Rhode Island roofing companies. Talk to a local commercial roofer, like Chaffee Industrial Roofing to see if you qualify for one of these great benefits!
  • Avoid costly emergency roof repairs: reduce the probability of sudden and expensive commercial roofing damage to your property. From the sun’s harsh UV rays, to distressed roof areas caused by heavy foot traffic, there is always something that will threaten the efficiency of your roof. Preventative maintenance services help property managers and building owners stay on top of the condition of their roof, so nothing catches them by surprise.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

“So what exactly is preventative maintenance, and why can’t I just do it myself?”

We’re so glad you asked! Preventative maintenance services are regularly scheduled actions designed to keep your roof looking and functioning as efficiently as possible and include the following actions taken by Chaffee’s expert team of commercial roofing professionals:

Schedule regular inspections: having annual or semi-annual inspections of your roof lets a professional see the condition of your roof on a planned basis so you don’t go too long without an accurate snapshot of your roof’s condition. Think going to the doctor for a check-up!

Keeping the roof clean: during a preventative maintenance service call, a technician will clean debris off the roof that could otherwise puncture and damage the roof, or even fall into the drains, causing clogs. 

Maintain proper drainage: cleaning out commercial roof drains can be harder than it seems, and certainly different than simply unclogging a residential gutter (although that’s not typically easy either!) Free-flowing gutters allow for adequate drainage and prevent ponding water near drains, gutters, and scuppers.

Address minor issues immediately: Often a small issue like an open seam or a roofing puncture is noticed when a Chaffee Industrial Roofing technician is performing a routine inspection. Instead of waiting for water spots to show up on the ceiling to take action, the technician will perform an on-the-spot repair and prevent further leaks from occurring. 

Finally, here at Chaffee Industrial Roofing we recommend you do NOT attempt to perform preventative maintenance on your property by yourself. Commercial roofing is often dangerous work and should be handled by a trained expert who has all the correct tools, knowledge, and protective gear needed to work safely. If you have questions about the routine maintenance of your roof, don’t hesitate to call Chaffee today!

Is Preventative Maintenance Expensive? 

There’s great news… Preventative Maintenance is not expensive! It’s a relatively small cost to your business and can save you tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) over the years. Preventative maintenance services are a surefire way to preserve your building maintenance budget, reduce the stress of managing a costly roof repair or replacement, and extend the life of your roof. One thing we have to mention is that we’ve never received a complaint about the cost of preventative maintenance, and no one has ever said they didn’t feel they were getting a huge value from the program! 

Preventative maintenance services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will work with your business to prescribe the perfect maintenance program that fits your needs and your budget. Talk with one of our commercial roofing professionals today at Chaffee Industrial Roofing and we’ll get your New England business set up for success and a long-lasting roof!

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