Chaffee Roofing clients ask a lot of questions about PVC for commercial roofs. What’s so good about PVC roofing? Does PVC have any benefits over its competitors? Are there any unique properties to PVC roofing?

We are always helping you, the client, to make the right choice for your roofing project.  Regardless of size, location and prevailing weather conditions, we find PVC can be a great solution to many roofing needs. With this in mind, we put together a post, to highlight the unique roofing benefits of PVC.

Four unique benefits of PVC for your commercial roof would be:

  1. Durability
  2. Resistance to chemical spills and food grease
  3. Excellent at keeping water out
  4. Long life expectancy

Let’s take a closer look at each point.


You want a roofing material which will survive the job at hand. A roof which deteriorates under a hot summer sun or one which lifts during high winds of the fall is not the answer. The roof is out of sight, doing a vital job of protecting your building. You do not want to worry about it every change of season.

By investing in a PVC, you are investing in the future. It is a durable roofing membrane which will stand up to the toughest of conditions.

Resistance to chemical spills and food grease

Chemicals and food grease can burn through a roof in double quick time. Outflows from ducts and pipes may contain harmful materials, which can do the damage to your roof. Grease vents on food manufacturing buildings can spew out harmful particles, doing a lot of damage to non-PVC membranes.

PVC is highly resistant to chemicals and grease. Your roof will stay strong and free of any damage, regardless of what comes out of the pipes and ducts.

Excellent at keeping water out

It should be a minimum standard, but some materials are not very waterproof. PVC is excellent at keeping water out. Not only rainwater but broken pipes and torrential downpours can do a lot of damage. Ponding and spots of damp can cause significant problems, but not to PVC. Even plant and fungi growth will not affect a PVC roof.

The PVC membrane will stay waterproof during the worst of storms, as well as during periods of constant dampness and ponding.

Long life expectancy

What about the cost? Can I not get something a bit cheaper? We often hear this from clients, but looking way into the future is the key to getting your roof right. The PVC roof you install will give the company building a long life of service.

PVC is designed to last. It will do so through storms, high winds, heavy rains, and chemical spills. It is very resistant to impact damage too.

Invest in the future with a PVC roof.

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You want your commercial roof to last.

Here in New England, we get harsh weather throughout the year. By investing in the unique benefits of PVC, you are buying peace of mind. The many years of service will repay your investment.

Call Chaffee Roofing today and get started on your PVC roof.

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