Thermoplastic-polyolefin, otherwise known as TPO, is an excellent roofing material. There are a lot of manufacturers bringing TPO to the market, but few supply the top quality. At Chaffee Roofing, we are all too aware of the differences in quality TPO available. By having only the best suppliers, we guarantee that our customers get superior materials.  We also visit a lot of TPO manufacturers to keep up-to-date with changes in the product.

Recently, we looked at samples of TPO, to see where the differences lie.

What problems come from poor quality TPO

We love TPO and use it daily, knowing that our customers are getting a quality roofing product. 

Poor quality TPO can lead to such problems as seam failures, where the seams lift or split where they meet. Another issue we see is the TPO cracking under pressure from hot or icy conditions.  Similarly, poor quality TPO can look “chalky,” which is when the top layer of TPO basically breaks down and starts to wash away. Less reputable manufacturers may bring out a new version of TPO without testing it thoroughly. In these cases, you as the customer could be the guinea pig.

In contrast, quality, well-made TPO tends to be pretty consistent. While small changes may be made here and there, the product itself remains pretty consistent.

Different formulas lead to varying qualities

TPO is relatively new to the market. It has been around for a little over 35 years, making it a relatively new product on the market. Suppliers are constantly devising new manufacturing methods while mixing ingredients in different quantities and qualities to produce their TPO. Sometimes they do it to save money, other times it is to improve quality. We find that buying from trusted manufacturers gives us a steady supply of quality TPO roofing.

In a changing market, we only trust the reliable producers.

Not all producers supply the TPO we expect

Another problem with so many producers in the TPO market is the untrustworthy dealers. TPO is a top-quality product and does an excellent job on your roof. Compromises at manufacturing, especially when they go unreported, have consequences. At Chaffee Roofing, we need to know that our customers are getting the quality TPO we promise.

The variety of manufacturers leads to varying results. Chaffee Roofing only supplies TPO from those we know and trust.

American made TPO is the standard

In the US, we get huge swings in temperature throughout the year. A warm spring and hot summer can lead to a freezing winter, and these changes can bring their problems. A quality TPO needs to match the challenges of our American climate. The thickness should be at least .45 mils, and the TPO should be able to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Typically, we at Chaffee Roofing prefer to install .60 mil or thicker TPO, because the extra thickness has been shown to make a big difference as TPO ages over time. Only American made TPO, following tried and trusted formulas, can match our roofing standards.

At Chaffee Roofing, we only go with the trusted manufacturers, who know how to serve the market.

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TPO is an excellent roofing material and too many manufacturers are trying to cut corners on quality.
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