Knowing when to replace a roof is a very valuable skill. You may do repairs through the many years of its life, but there comes a time when replacing the roof is the only option. Getting the timing right is vital.
It will save you money.
Looking for signs of replacing rather than repairing is the place to start. Five clear and obvious signs leave nothing to doubt.
Let’s take a look at the five signs that indicate you need to replace your roof.

The roof is marking its 25th anniversary

Age catches up with a roof. All those years of being exposed to cold, wet, and windy weather, as well as hot summers, take their toll.
Take a look at when the roof went on the building. If it is 25 years or more, annual repairs will most likely not be enough on a standard roof system.
Repairing a 25-year old roof is not cost-effective on most roof systems.

The roof is sagging in too many places

When a roof begins to sag, you know you are in trouble. Typically, it means that the underlying insulation is in very poor shape or, in extreme cases, the structural wood or steel decking is beginning to collapse. If the contractor can repair a weakness, then you may be safe for a few years.
When the roof as a whole begins to sag, that is when replacing is the only option. A roof that is sagging in too many places will never recover.

Granules in the gutters

Get up on a ladder and take a look in the gutters around the roof.
Granules in the gutters mean the shingles or modified bitumen are losing their protective covering. With a shingle or modified roof, you must keep an eye out for granule build-up, especially after heavy rain. A large amount means long-term damage.
Replacing the roof before further damage is the only option.

Excessive repairs

If you get to a point where you are repairing your roof on a regular basis, that is a strong sign that you are throwing good money after bad. Constantly chasing after new leaks is not good practice. If you add up the repair invoices, the disruption cost, the cost of repairing wet or damaged areas inside the building, and the time you and your team are spending chasing these non-stop roof leaks, you’ll find that roof replacement is a better investment than you think.

Your contractor is telling you

You may want to avoid the expense and trouble of replacing your roof. You might think that the annual repairs will get you through.
If a trusted contractor is telling you that the time has come to replace it, listen to what they say.
Their experience is invaluable.

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