Chaffee Roofing is committed to providing service that keeps roofs from gaining the weight of snow loads or high water levels.  There are several key steps to commercial roofing safety, from technology on the roof, to winter maintenance, to snow removal.  Keep the followin mind when keeping your commercial roof in fighting shape:

Technology on the Roof

There are various kinds of technology that safeguard roofs of commercial structures and the lives, investments and businesses that rely on them.  These systems are designed to monitor live loads of water and snow on the roofs of low-sloped buildings and to inform businesses of potential risk.

Inspection of the Roof

Inspection of your commercial roof every year is essential. The sooner you can identify what the problem spots might be can save a roof from winter disasters.  By keeping drains clean and free of debris, you lessen the likelihood that water will accumulate on the roof from improper drainage.  This can be especially important when the with snow melts, which is even heavier on the roof.  Getting Chaffee Roofing maintenance before the harsh winter weather can save you time, money, and heartburn.

Snow Removal

Make sure to work with a professional roofing company like Chaffee to create a system for commercial roof snow removal  With many roof collapses noted in the news in the last few years, having strong relations with a local roofer results in fast, efficient snow removal saving not only cost but public relation concerns.

Taking these preventative measures sooner rather than later will minimize roofing concerns for all concerned. Let Chaffee help to create a your winter building plan.  The ability to monitor the roof from the office for snow and water loads, minimizing weight gain, is not just financially responsible, but critical for the safety of your building occpants.

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