Installing A Greener Commercial Roof For Your Business

Installing a greener commercial roof for your business will save you money. Isn’t that nice to hear when you are considering your roofing options? The good news continues as the long-term savings can be substantial. Less heat loss, better heat reflection, and more control over running the AC will put more money in the company’s pocket over the years.
At Chaffee Roofing we know the benefits of installing a greener commercial roof. Clients appreciate the quality of our work and make use of Chaffee Roofing’s many decades of experience. We use our knowledge of greener roof materials to determine which one will work best on your roofing project. This is why we believe TPO is the best commercial roofing material to enhance your green credentials.

Let’s take a closer look behind our reasons.

TPO is white and reflects the heat

In our New England climate, you could be running the air conditioning from late spring to early fall. Energy use is a big enemy of the environment, and the HVAC is a significant expense in any company’s budget.
TPO is available in white, which will reflect the heat. The less heat absorbed from the sun, the less you need to run the AC. This can be significant with a large commercial roof. Also, by reflecting the UV rays of the sun, there is less deterioration of the material.

Your greener commercial roof will last longer.

You can weld TPO

The major areas of heat loss and water leaks are the joints between layers of TPO. Other tricky areas are around outlets and the air conditioning ducts. These are typical places where we see problems. It is here that our installation mechanics use their expertise and knowledge when cutting and sealing TPO roofing around outlets.
TPO is heat welded throughout the installation. Our roofing mechanics use computerized hot air equipment to join the field seams, then hand weld the smaller flashing details. The temperature of the weld can reach 1000 degrees, which guarantees the quality of the bond.

You will reap the benefits of the superior installation process over the years.

There is strength in TPO

TPO can be up to six times stronger than other roofing materials. It is a lot less likely to puncture, split or crack, which adds to its long life. The longer the life of the roof, the less impact it has on the environment.
Even better, there are no plasticizers used to manufacture TPO. You are purchasing a greener material which resists UV rays. It is also possible to use recycled materials in the production of TPO, which only adds to it being the perfect green option for your commercial roof.

Other ways to go green with your commercial roof

  • Choose the best material for the project and one that will last through the years of your local climate.
  • Use suitably qualified installers from a trustworthy company.
  • Only order enough material for the job, as avoiding waste is a very green thing to do.

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At Chaffee Roofing, we have all the years of experience to benefit your company. We can help you to install a greener commercial roof for your business and save you money while doing so.
Call Chaffee Roofing today and let us help you go green.

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