You have decided to invest in new flat roofing or rubber roofing. You are not alone. Over 1 billion square feet of EPDM have been installed on roofs on this planet over the last 40 years, resisting UV radiation, low and high temperatures, ravaging hail, and time.

Before the work of installing your rubber roofing begins, and after you have settled on your roof design with your Chaffee project manager, our operations team will have what we call a “prejob” meeting with everyone on your team who is responsible for your roof.

EPDM roofing

What To Expect At A Chaffee Prejob Meeting

At Chaffee Roofing, we like to hold our prejob meeting on your roof. Why? We have learned that actually standing on a roof with the people who are responsible for its care is an efficient way to learn about your roof and its environment.

We learn:

  • If the existing roof was well-maintained.
  • If extreme weather, heat or cold, has caused damage to your existing roof.
  • If wind has caused damage.
  • How drainage is happening.
  • If birds/wildlife are nesting.
  • If water is pooling.
  • If debris is present.
  • What rooftop units can be eliminated, if any.
  • The best placement locations for dumpsters, cranes, etc.
EPDM roofing

Now that we have established where our prejob meeting will he held, and why, let’s move on to our review of how your business operates and how this could affect our plans for the installation of your rubber roofing.  These three real-world examples from past projects exemplify the kind of factors that can affect our installation plan:

  1. Shutting down production is costly. When Chaffee Roofing installed a roof on a busy factory where production took place under one area of the roof, we followed a schedule that mandated that we did not work over this area when production was happening.
  2. Chaffee Roofing has removed existing roof systems at night so as to lessen the disruption – noise and dust – to workers.
  3. Chaffee Roofing knows how to minimize the noise and visual disruption around retail storefronts so that customers understand that they are welcome to walk in – safely.

Our installation plan is driven by your needs, whatever they may be. We do not underestimate the cost – to you – of an unnecessarily disruptive flat roofing installation.

When we understand how your business operates and how this operation will affect our installation plan, we adapt the details of the installation itself, from the placement of the crane on stocking day – the day when all of the materials for your rubber roofing arrives – to the first day of installation.

EPDM roofing

Oh, you may be interested to know that when Chaffee Roofing starts a roofing job, we stay until your rubber roofing is in place and all clean-up is complete. (Hey, what would be more stressful than having your roofing project manager tell you that he will be “back in about a week’s time” in the middle of a job?)

Whether you are still deciding whether to choose Chaffee Roofing to install your flat roofing or you are educating yourself about the streamlined process that you are about to go through, be assured that we have this down. We’ve been around for more than 100 years, after all.

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