Commercial flat roofs are industrial structures that need careful installation and maintenance. When excellently done and if properly maintained, commercial flat roofers will tell you that a quality roofing installation will last upward of twenty five years.

Unfortunately, commercial flat roofs may not attain the twenty five year lifespan because of weather and calamities. Snow overload, excessive heat, humidity build-up, and condensation are all factors that may affect commercial flat roofs.

Humidity build-up, extreme heat, and snow build-up on commercial flat roofs may cause cracks, voids, or holes.

Below we take a look at the most common commercial flat roof repairs:

  1. Patching Holes

Holes are common in commercial roofing. Dropped tools, knives, and sharp objects may cause mechanical damage, leading to holes. The presence of holes in commercial roofs implies the leakage of rainwater, snowwater as well as the direct penetration of sunlight.

So, patching holes caused by mechanical damage and sometimes aging is one of the most common flat roof repairs – especially for commercial roofs – whether EPDM, TPO, PVC, or asphalt.

  1. Finding Voids/Openings in Seams and Flashing

Flashing repairs are another category of repair for commercial flat roofs. Flashing details are often the most difficult part of a flat roof installation, which makes them a likely source for roof leaks.

Checking to see how walls, rooftop units, roof drains, etc. are installed is a good start to finding your leak source. Cold welds, popped corners and termination details are always a good place to check for defects. Patching them with the manufacturers approved product, or, at a minimum, a compatible product, is crucial for making sure your patch goes the distance.

  1. Cleaning Drains, Gutters, and Scuppers

It may sound obvious, but gutters, drains and scupper boxes move water to the ground. If it doesn’t work prosperity, this water gets trapped on your roof, potentially causing a variety of issues. Gutters, drains and scuppers also capture and collect anything on else the roof – twigs, leaves, and debris, that can cause clogging.

Every flat roof should have someone, ideally a professional commercial roofing company, that ensures all gutters, drains and scuppers can efficiently collect and move water to the ground. 

  1. Looking for Openings in HVAC Units

Another common source of leaks isn’t the roof itself, it is actually the rooftop unit! Looking for openings in air conditioning systems, including open or missing doors, is a great place to check for leaks.

Many times, an HVAC contractor will leave a door open. Or, many times, there may be a leak in the rooftop units drip pan. Or, the condensation tube may be turned in the wrong direction, preventing water from leaving the rooftop unit. Any of these defects can cause leaks in your building, even if your roof is perfectly fine.

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