Most commercial roofing structures will last from fifteen to thirty years based on the quality and type of roofing installation. The most common types of commercial roofs include flat roofing, thermoplastic polyolefin, ethylene propylene diene monomer EPDM, polyvinyl chloride PVC, and modified bitumen Mod-Bit.

So, depending on the roof that you want, you’re likely to come across one of these. Unfortunately, regardless of the roofing type, most commercial owners struggle to predict the right time to repair their roofs.

So, whether you turn your gaze towards heaven or climb up your roof and check below, here are five common signs that your roof needs a repair;

  1. Holes / Openings in the roof

Holes, open seams or general openings in the roof are a sign that the roof needs to be repaired. Even if the roof isn’t actively leaking, it will likely leak soon. And, any opening where water can get into the roof system will cause your insulation and underlying roof components to get wet, causing larger problems down the road.

  1. Buckled Insulation

If the insulation is buckled / curling, that is a sign that moisture is getting into the roof and/or your fasteners are not holding down the insulation properly. Since the entire roof system is one assembly, damaged insulation will eventually mean a damaged roof system.

  1. Loose Edge Metal

If you notice your edge metal on the outside is loose or missing, that is a sign that repairs should be made as soon as possible. Loose or missing edge metal will eventually cause more edge metal to get damaged, and could potentially lead to a roof blow off down the road.

  1. Clogged Drains

If the drains are clogged, chances are the roof hasn’t been maintained or looked after for a while. When it’s time to clean the drains and gutters, that is a good time to do a general walk through on the roof system as well.

  1. Roof Leaks!

As obvious as it sounds, if the roof is leaking, that is a time to schedule repairs. Even if it isn’t a bad leak, it is always worth addressing. In order for a leak to get through the building, it needs to go through other components of the roof system, such as your insulation, first. The leak may be minor, but the damage to the roofing components may not be.

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Always check out your roof for these and additional signs. Additional signs that your roof needs repair include; a sagging roof deck, staining on the interior ceiling, the presence of outside light in the attic, and high energy bills.

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