A factory roofing project is a heavy investment that requires careful planning and thorough preparations. An industrial roofing company understands that installing, repairing, or maintaining a factory’s roofing is time-consuming, expensive, and potentially detrimental to production systems.

How to prepare yourself for a factory roofing project:

1. Prepare for noise

Industrial roofing companies strive to keep the noise as low as possible during roof installation and maintenance work. However, roofing contractors cannot avoid the noise during production days, especially if the project involves a roof tear off. It’s advisable to send out memos to different departments and request employees to prepare themselves for upcoming roofing projects. Oftentimes, if people are aware of the disruption and the rough duration of the project, its makes the disruptions easier to get thorough. Especially if they know there won’t be roof leaks at the end of the project!

2. Reputable contractor

A reputable industrial roofing company strives to deliver quality and trouble-free roofing work. They will collaborate from inception to completion and guide you through all the steps of a commercial roofing project. Professional contractors have the potential to deliver beyond expectations. Leveraging professional contractors gives you access to warranties, adding an extra layer of protection to your commercial roofing.

3. Interior Protection

Interior protection is very important, especially if the structural decking is exposed. If the project involves a tear off, dust and even debris can get into the building. There are numerous interior protection companies available who will cover the entire ceiling with plastic wrapping or even netting if necessary. These companies are highly recommended during full tear off projects. As trusted industrial roofing contractors, we’ll do our best to review these areas and provide recommendations.Contact Chaffee Roofing for an industrial roofing project quotation.