Chaffee Roofing is ever at the ready, to help commercial building ownerstake an agressive stance this season in fightingsnow loads on their rooftops.

Overt he past few years, and as a result of Global Warming, the latest burst of superstorms has demonstrated the impact severe weather systems can inflict upon commercial buildings. Researchers have warned us that changes in the jet stream increase the frequency and severity of harsh storms that include massive storm surge and crippling winds. Hurricane Sandy-like events must be acknowledged and prepared for well in advance. They are not the anomalies they once were.

“Not that long ago, the term ‘storms of the century’ described a rare occurrence. Now it can happen every year,” says Steve Chaffee, president of Chaffee Roofing. “Your commercial roof must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, not just averages. We have to adjust our thinking and adapt accordingly.”

“You just never know when your buildings will get clobbered. The responsible way to protect them is with a partner like Chaffee Roofing. Loop us into the network and you have our teams instantly deployed to ease those loads before they reach hazardous levels,” says Chaffee, whose self-sufficient teams bring their own supplies and generators to storm-torn areas so they can immediately set to rehabilitating the damaged roofs and building envelopes.

Remote building management made possible.

Don’t cancel your vacation. Manage your buildings with a trusted commercial roofing partner. Don’t obsessively watch The Weather Channel meteorologists exclaiming over snowfall and brute force winds. Don’t send aggressive text messages to your building engineers back home. As a Chaffee Roofing customer, we will be on site before you’ve decided whether to lunch under your beach umbrella or go in town.

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