Hartford is happening.

And Chaffee Roofing is poised to see the differences as Hartford reinvents itself. Installing and repairing commercial roofs for over 100 years, Chaffee has won >industrial accolades for its performance, including a nod from CertainTeed Saint-Gobain as a Gold Standard Contractor, and the Centurion Award for installing its 100th perfect 10 roof.

As a roofing contractor specializing in flat commercial roofs in the northeastern United States, Chaffee Roofing salutes Hartford as it picks itself and dusts itself off.

Historic buildings of charm and character that have sat empty on what were once bustling streets are morphing into new spaces: An investor spent 36-million dollars changing the office supply building on Capitol Street into Capitol Lofts, and urban dwellers who want to live where they can walk to restaurants, shops, and cafes, are lining up for lofts.

And you may know that two fellows known as the Goodwin brothers built a snazzy upscale apartment building in 1881 that later became a landmark hotel in Hartford, and in 2017 a restoration resulted in the Goodwin Boutique hotel that exudes an urban chic.

The city of Mark Twain is standing up on two feet while snapping its suspenders, and developers, architects, business people, politicians, millennials looks for a mid-sized city that mixes a laidback vibe with urban offerings and, yes, roofers, are talking notice.

In a city like Hartford that is undergoing a renaissance, the demand for roofing companies that deliver top quality work spikes and Chaffee Roofing stands ready with its more than 100 years of experience to repair, design, and install roofing systems that work.

Chaffee Roofing has serious experience in spaces that involve working in commercial spaces that continue to operate during installation; in spaces that are subject to special regulations because of a heritage designation; and that complement creative renovations.

And it is not only commercial spaces that are on the rise in Hartford, residential  infill development is robust.

And just what is an “infill” development?

If a vacant lot or another kind of available space is your neighbourhood is transformed into something new, this is known as infill development, and if it happens quickly, like it is in some Hartford neighbourhoods, it is an indicator of a strong real estate market.

From 2013 to 2017, the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) invested in over 900 residential units that attracted high occupancy rates. The Hartford CRDA targeted buildings with character that were silently sitting on quiet streets and supported their renovation into desirable loft and apartment spaces.

The local government deserves credit for actively working to lure people into new residential downtown and for working with private sector developers keen to fill renewed neighbourhoods with millennials and young families.

And when people move into the core of Hartford, business will follow. Companies that care about Hartford and where it is going, like Chaffee Roofing, are keen to be part of movement toward an economic resurgence in this historic city.

Hartford has struggled but should you have the chance to catch a Hartford Yard Goats game on a Friday night at the Dunkin Donut’s park you’ll feel a spark in the air, a kind of relaxed energy spiked with a sense of purpose that permeates the downtown core these days. And if you look up, way up, maybe you’ll see roofers installing a new flat roof – a sign of things to come.

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