Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings to work with the surrounding landscape, to be part of the local environment and to cause minimal impact.

To say he inspires people today, nearly 60 years since his death, is beyond doubt and is no small measure due to his designs being well ahead of their time.

Wright’s love of flat roofs is obvious in his work and is almost a signature touch in his building design.

He worked mainly in the Mid-West and California, but his architecture also made its way to the East Coast, with many of his designs becoming finished buildings.

Fortunately, there are still examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural delights to view today.

Among the inspirational Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on the East Coast are:

  • Crimson Beech-Staten Island
  • Zimmerman House-Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Rayward Shepherd House- New Canaan, Connecticut
  • Theodore Baird Residence- Amherst, Massachusetts

Let’s get a little inspiration by looking at each building in a bit more detail.

Crimson Beech -Staten Island

The only Frank Lloyd Wright residential dwelling in New York.

Though not open to the public, passersby can still see his unique design and marvel at how the roof seems to work perfectly with the building it protects.

The house is a pre-fabricated one, which was unusual on the East Coast at the time and was completed shortly before Wright’s death in 1959.

Inspirational Frank Lloyd Wright - Crimson Beech

Zimmerman House- Manchester New Hampshire

Luckily this building is open to the public, as is part of the Currier Museum of Art.

The Zimmermans asked Wright to design something a bit different, and they certainly got value for their money.

Much of the original furniture and fittings are still in place, adding an extra treat for those looking to get the complete Frank Lloyd Wright experience.

Rayward-Shepherd House – New Canaan, Connecticut

A truly inspirational piece of work, though viewing it from the air may be the best way to see it properly.

The flat-roofed building has floor to ceiling windows, letting in plenty of light and allowing the residents to get the pleasure of the outside water features.

The building seems to be level with the surrounding landscape, and it isn’t grabbing all the attention.

The Rayward-Shepherd House is a genuine Frank Lloyd Wright classic.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Theodore Baird Residence – Amherst, Massachusetts

Another flat-roofed classic, which seems to sit there, waiting for you to find it.

Wright designed the floor-to-ceiling windows to invite the outside in and his design works beautifully.

The building is open plan throughout and at times the visitor may be hard pushed to know if they are inside or out, such the cleverness of Wright’s design.

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