Stone Ballast Removal

If your roof has stone ballast on it that needs to be removed, the most common way to complete the task is to vacuum it right off! Roof ballast removal is completed with a giant vacuuming truck and custom designed piping that allows the stone to be sucked right off the roof and into the truck. The stone is either left on site if the customer wants to keep it, or disposed off site. At the end of the day, the roof looks dramatically different (and dirtier) without ballast.

Roof Ballast removal has to be scheduled within days of the roof stocking date, because a roof with its ballast securement removed is not well held down. You’ll notice in the after picture, a crane is in the background as we prepare to put the new roofing materials into position for the work. See ballasted membrane installation for more details on how ballast stone works. Once the job is stocked, the materials are spread evenly throughout the roof to act as ballast until the new roof system is installed.

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