Delivery and Material Loading

 On delivery stocking day, crane(s), flatbed truck(s), rack truck(s), pickup truck(s), and crew van(s) will arrive on site to get the materials loaded. It is an exciting day where a lot goes on! The way stocking a flat roof system works is:

  • The crane will setup in an area that is as close to the roof area we are working on as possible.
  • At the same time, Chaffee crews will setup a ladder and get preliminary safety gear setup. At this point in the process, we can only bring our harnesses to the roof, since the flags, mobile safety tie off equipment, and other safety gear haven’t been loaded by crane yet.
Chaffee Roofing Delivery and Material Loading
  • Once the crane is setup and ready to go, safety gear is sent to the roof first. Once the safety gear is on the roof, Chaffee crews immediately begin to set it up.
  • Once safety is setup, all other flat roofing materials are sent up. The materials are unloaded evenly throughout the roof system to properly distribute the weight. This includes the rigid insulation, membrane, and all other roofing accessories.
Chaffee Roofing Delivery and Material Loading
  • After everything is loaded, the foreman, operations manager, and project manager will check the inventory to make sure we have everything.

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