Roof Design and Acceptance

Roof Design and Acceptance Coverphoto

The first step in the Chaffee’s re-roofing process is to create a flat roof design based on the buildings needs and the customer’s preferences. The process starts off with your Chaffee project manager, who will manage the job from start to finish. Your project manager will start off the re-roofing process by:

  • Meeting with the parties responsible for the roof to determine what problems they are having. They will also learn how the building is used, and what the buildings unique requirements are. This will give your project manager a good idea of what your roofing needs are.
  • Next, your project manager will evaluate the condition of the existing roof system. They will take measurements of your roof, pictures of defect areas, and a core test of your roof to determine the construction is of your existing roof system (don’t worry, we’ll patch it up when were done!).
  • After, the project manager will use all of the information obtained to generate a proposal and flat roof design. In our proposal, we will recommend the Type of Flat Roofing System that best fits your needs, along with the corresponding installation method that should be completed.
  • After, will go over our proposal and roof design with you. This will include an explanation of the problems you are having, along with our rational of why a particular flat roof system and installation method is best for your unique requirements. Based on your needs, we may present a few different options for roofing systems and installation methods.

The RoofingProcess