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Chaffee Roofing Prejob Meeting

Chaffee specializes in reroofing commercial buildings, so every project must be completed in  a way that considers the buildings occupants, visitors and operations. To meet every buildings unique requirements, after the Flat Roof Design has been accepted the next step is for the project manager to arrange a prejob meeting, where roof production planning occurs. A prejob typically consists of:

  • The Chaffee operations team and the customer’s team that is responsible for the roof attend the meeting, which is typically held on the roof being completed.
  • We start off by reviewing areas where sensitive operations may be going on below. Past examples include:
    • TV stations where broadcasts occurred at certain times, requiring absolute silence
    • Laboratories where sensitive testing was occurring below, requiring us to work in certain areas at certain times.
    • A factory where a key part of their manufacturing process occurred directly below one roofing area, allowing us to only work on that area while the machine was shut down.
    • Retail locations where all roofing activities must be minimized at or near storefronts.
    • Projects where removal of the existing roof, when required, can be best completed at night to minimize noise, dust and general inconvenience.
  • With knowledge of sensitive operations and any other restrictions that may be going on below us, we create a plan of where we are going to start working, and the areas we hope to cover each day. This plan is open to change based on conditions that occur during the job.
  • Then, we go over the roofing details of this project. This includes everything from crane placement to dumpster placement to ideal staging locations. We also review unique details that our installation crew needs to be made aware of.
  • Finally, we set a tentative stock and start date that is subject to weather. Once we start a job, we remain on that project until we reach substantial completion.

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