Rigid Insulation Installation

Rigid Insulation can either be installed over the structural deck or directly over the existing roof system. Rigid insulation is used to provide a substrate between the membrane and structural decking. It is also used to increase the energy efficiency, or “R-Value” of your roof system. For information on Flat Roofing Insulation, check out our Rigid Insulation Products page.

For most flat roofing applications, the rigid insulation is fastened down to the structural deck using fasteners. This is known as a mechanically fastened installation, and can be used for mechanically attached membrane systems, or fully adhered membrane systems.

If the structural deck is not strong enough to fasten into, or if fastening into the deck will be highly disruptive to the buildings operations (concrete decking, for example), the rigid insulation can also be adhered to the deck. This uses a 2 part foam adhesive known as insta-stick or olybond, based on the manufacturer you are using. Typically, adhering the insulation to the structural deck is used in conjunction with fully adhered membrane systems.

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