Olybond Insulation Attached to deck

Olybond Coverphoto

Olybond is a method of rigid insulation attachment where olybond 2 part foam adhesives are used to hold the insulation to the structural decking instead of fasteners. Olybond rigid insulation systems are used in conjunction with fully adhered membrane installations to obtain a completely adhered roof system.

Olybond is typically used over concrete decks, where the noise of predrilling and installing fasteners produces disruptive noises that cause extreme interruption to the buildings operations. Olybond can also be used over Tectum decks, where fasteners do not get the pull test ratings required to adequately hold the insulation to the deck. Olybond is also an option under shorter roof areas, where a fastener or screw gun cannot fit.

Installing olybond involves 5 separate steps, which are:

1. Cleaning the substrate. This will allow the adhesives to stick to the substrate and insulation, not debris.

2. Mix and apply the olybond adhesive over the substrate. The application rate is dependent on a variety of factors.

01 Spraying OlyBond

3. Setting the rigid insulation down over the olybond adhesive.

02 Laying out Insulation

4. Carefully positioning the rigid insulation so that it is as close to the neighboring rigid insulation as possible. Gaps will cause problems later on with the fully adhered membrane.

03 Carefully Placing Insulation

5. Apply weight to ensure a proper bond between the insulation and the substrate.

04 Applying weight to insulation

Olybond rigid insulation adhesives are a great way to get a strong bond to the structural decking with minimal noise. For more information on the pros and cons of adhered roofing systems, check out our fully adhered page.

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