Existing Roof Removal and Disposal

Removing an existing roof system, also known as tearing off or “ripping” a roof, is almost always a noisy and dirty process. It just comes with the job! The only way to reduce the disruption to your building is to have the roof removal occur at night, which is an option many Chaffee customers take.

The way a roof is ripped depends on the system being removed, but an idea of what usually happens is:

Membrane Roof Removal

  • If a membrane roof exists, it is cut up and peeled off the roof
  • After, fasteners in the insulation and membrane are backed out one at a time, and thrown into a dumpster along with the membrane and insulation

Built Up and Modified Roof Removal:

  • For Built up and modified roofs, the existing roof is cut into smaller pieces using a roof cutter.
  • Next, the smaller dust and debris are blown near the edge of the roof and swept into a dumpster. In this case, the fiberboard insulation is creating a lot of dust, something that commonly happens to fiberboard over time.
  • After, a roof warrior is used to lift up the small roof pieces created by the cutter.
  • Once the debris is lifted up, it is manually loaded into a smart cart (a wheel barrow with 2 feet) and loaded into a dumpster.

The RoofingProcess