The Fault With EPDM Roofing Seams

The Fault With EPDM Roofing Seams EPDM is a fine roofing material and one which many Chaffee Roofing clients use. A significant advantage of EPDM roofing is its durability and high UV resistance. However, many flat roof owners find fault with their EPDM roofing seams, particularly on older EPDM roof systems with glued seams once they begin to wear down. Extensive patching to EPDM roof systems can be expensive because the accessories are almost as expensive as the EPDM field membrane itself. The cause of most replacement EPDM projects? The seams and flashing details. The EPDM membrane itself may be fine but when the seams and flashings begin to go, customers are left with two options: extensive patchwork or total replacement. Why faulty seams? A professional roofer will install your EPDM roof to the highest standards. At Chaffee Roofing, we only use highly qualified roofing professionals, who are guaranteed to always do a quality installation using premium materials.The problem is that EPDM relies on adhesives to hold the seams and flashing details together. With TPO and PVC roof systems, the seams and flashings are heat welded, which means that the product becomes one sheet. With EPDM, heat welding is not possible, so primers and adhesives are used. So what is the downside? The adhesives break down and dry out over time. It is inevitable, and […]

Installing A Greener Commercial Roof For Your Business

Installing A Greener Commercial Roof For Your Business Installing a greener commercial roof for your business will save you money. Isn’t that nice to hear when you are considering your roofing options? The good news continues as the long-term savings can be substantial. Less heat loss, better heat reflection, and more control over running the AC will put more money in the company’s pocket over the years.At Chaffee Roofing we know the benefits of installing a greener commercial roof. Clients appreciate the quality of our work and make use of Chaffee Roofing’s many decades of experience. We use our knowledge of greener roof materials to determine which one will work best on your roofing project. This is why we believe TPO is the best commercial roofing material to enhance your green credentials. Let’s take a closer look behind our reasons. TPO is white and reflects the heat In our New England climate, you could be running the air conditioning from late spring to early fall. Energy use is a big enemy of the environment, and the HVAC is a significant expense in any company’s budget.TPO is available in white, which will reflect the heat. The less heat absorbed from the sun, the less you need to run the AC. This can be significant with a large commercial roof. Also, by reflecting the UV rays of […]

Choosing The Longest Lasting Roofing Solution For Harsh Winters

Our winters are pretty bad here in New England. Harsh winters are hard on commercial roofs. At Chaffee Roofing, receive a lot of client questions regarding the best roofs for harsh winters. What are the longest lasting commercial roofing materials? What roofing will survive through cold, wet and heavy snow weather? My roof is cracking; what should I do? At Chaffee Roofing we get a lot of these queries after the winter when the damage is visible, and clients need a change.   For those of you choosing a commercial roof for the harsh New England winters, we have a few suggestions. Our thermoplastic roof membranes, TPO, offer value and quality through the long life of the roof. EPDM provides the same benefits, along with the years of already proven service. There are pros and cons to any roofing project. If you are aware of them, before choosing your commercial roof, then you are on the way to making an excellent choice. Let’s take a closer look at the options and see which roofing material suits your commercial premises. TPO ticks all the boxes It may be the new kid on the block, but TPO is proving itself as a very worthy roofing membrane. At Chaffee, we complete a lot of TPO roofing installs, with very happy clients. A few benefits of TPO as a […]

Choosing The Right Roofing Material For Energy Savings

At Chaffee Roofing we get a lot of queries about energy savings. Clients ask questions such as ‘we’re spending a lot on heating, will replacing the roof make a difference?’  We have put together some guidelines help our clients find answers. On our guidelines for choosing the right roofing material for energy savings are the following: Let’s take a closer look at each point. Choose a material which is puncture and shrink resistant Damage to your roof will see a lot of heat lost during a cold spell. The more water gets into your roof system, the more it will damage your roof insulation, reducing or even eliminating the “R” value that it provides. Depending on the type of insulation you install, this can happen quickly or slowly. Fiberboard insulation, for example, soaks up water very easily and is very prone to damage. Polyisocyanurate insulation resists water much better, so it will take longer for roof leaks to damage the insulation. The best solution is to have a good, weathertight roof system that doesn’t leak. Both TPO and EPDM are very puncture resistant. They can withstand storm and debris damage and where holes do occur, both materials are easy to repair. Get the thickness right The thicker the material, the better it is in keeping the heat in during the colder months and in helping […]

5 Reasons You Should Install EPDM Roofing

EDPM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber. For those of you who are not heavily into chemistry, EDPM is used to make water hoses for gardens, pond liners, window seals, solar panels, and, yes, roofs. And America likes EDPM single-ply roofing – 1-billion square feet of EPDM roofing is installed every year in our country, which translates to a whopping 35% of our roofing market. So, why is EDPM so strikingly popular in America? Here are five reasons why: EPDM Roofing – also known as rubber roofing – is less expensive that other flat roofing According to this popular online roofing calculator, the average rubber roof will cost 4 to 6 dollars per square foot: Polyvinyl chloride or PVC roofing and thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is estimated to cost between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. Chaffee Roofing offers an expert cost estimation service. Rubber roofs resist damaging UV rays The warm rays of the sun make our lakes sparkle, our purple lilacs flourish, and dry up muddy lands in spring, but our roofs do not benefit from ultraviolet (UV) rays beating down on them. Why? UV rays change the chemical structure of materials, like asphalt, which can result in a roof’s surface cracking, shrinking, and becoming brittle. Rubber roofs resist UV rays – EDPM is often used on recreational vehicles (RVs) for […]

Comparison of Roofing Membranes

There are many choices to make when you are looking to replace your commercial roof. Due to the number and complexity of options facilities managers often leave this decision to their roofing contractor. Other times, architects will decide. But arming yourself with this knowledge will give you the opportunity to ask pertinent questions. Flat roof systems are long term capital investments that will protect your building for decades to come. Making sure you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned dollars is just a sensible thing to do. Bear in mind that the best product in the world will still fail if improperly installed. Success is almost always a collaboration of (1) a quality product installed by a (2) quality commercial roofing contractor. If you remove one part from that equation it is generally unreasonable to expect that you will get the best results. Remove both from the equation? Well, I’m sure you can do the math. The following are some points for comparison in commercial roofing products: Breaking Strength A majority of TPO roofing systems that are installed are mechanically fastened to the roof deck. Breaking strength is a critical measurement of a sheet’s strength if the membrane is ever subjected to extreme forces, such as excessive wind, against the fasteners that hold it in place. The ASTM breaking strength test consists of a […]

Signs it’s Time to Repair or Replace your Mechanically Attached Roof

Sooner or later, all roofs need repairs or replacing. Ideally, your flat roof should be replaced before you start to notice things that could add up to costly repairs. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know the warning signs to look for to determine when their commercial roof needs to be replaced or repaired. The following are a few signs that it’s time to be thinking about call in the experts: Signs :- The seams and flashings on the roof system are starting to come apart. This is common on older EPDM roof systems where the seams were glued together.   Pin holes appear in the membrane. This occurs to mechanically attached roof systems, fully adhered roof systems and ballasted roof systems over time as the materials begin to break down. Once pin holes start to appear, the membrane is typically beyond effective patching.   Numerous patches exist on the roof system. The more patches that exist on a roof, the harder it is to continue patching a roof, as new patches start getting applied over old patches instead of the base membrane.   The membrane itself has started to wear down, potentially exposing the scrim. If the scrim is exposed, the membrane is in need of replacement, because the scrim is located in the middle of a reinforced single ply membrane. Once the scrim is exposed, […]

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Why Chaffee? Family Owned and Operated for Over 100 years Our family business was founded in 1908, over 100 years ago. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering the average contractor stays in business for only 2 years. Since we were founded in 1908, four generations of Chaffee have owned the company, and four generations have worked at Chaffee providing excellent commercial and industrial roofing services. Learn More Our Services Chaffee Roofing offers a variety of Commercial Roofing Services that can help you take care of your flat roofing needs! Below is a list of the primary services we offer. Testimonials Your employees and equipment were always presentable and professional, which was most appreciated in our office environment. We also appreciated the project organization and communication so that we could keep sections of our outside cafeteria patio open at all times, and we could keep our people informed as to your construction schedule, minimizing disruption and inconvenience. Amica, Lincoln, RI We have utilized the services of Chaffee Industrial Roofing for both new roofing and re-roofing. The crew and staff are always professional, courteous, and considerate. And all work performed has come in on budget, and on time. I consider Chaffee Industrial Roofing an exceptional roofing contractor and we will continue to use them for any future roofing projects or repairs. Cardi’s Furniture, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts Our […]