Roofs play a pivotal role in protecting us against harsh weather conditions. Roofs prevent other building structures from being damaged by water and direct solar radiation.

Despite its significance, commercial and industrial roof maintenance is often undervalued. Overlooking routine roof inspections poses a risk of extensive but avoidable damage to your business. Below we discuss some things a roof evaluation can tell you about the condition of your flat roof.

  1. Roof Damage

Roof damage allows rainwater infiltration and humidity accumulation in your business premises, damaging paint, drywall and ceiling tiles. The dampness of damaged roofs encourages humidity build-up, exposing your products, office spaces, and equipment to disease-causing organisms such as mold, fungi, and dust termites. A professional roof evaluation provides a detailed assessment of your commercial roof, exposing damages and signaling the need for repairs or replacement.

  1. Roof Lifespan

Conducting a routine roof inspection provides you with a detailed view of the status of your roof, allowing you to enjoy business continuity. Commercial roof inspections save you on long-term maintenance costs by helping you evaluate and protect your roof’s lifespan. Obtaining roof inspection reports provides you with an accurate projection of your roof’s lifespan, allowing you to save long-term business costs. Regular maintenance of your industrial roof expands its lifespan, preventing premature repairs and replacements. It also saves you a lot of bottomline costs.

  1. Gutter and Drain Performance

A flat roof inspection will tell you how your drains and gutters are performing. Failing to remove accumulated leaves and debris can potentially fill-up gutters and affect drainage flow. If water cannot get into drains, it will find another way to get off your building. This can include running down the side of your building, running into HVAC units, etc. 

A roof evaluation can tell you the condition of your flat roof’s drainage. The accumulation of excess water may wear out the roofing material and cause leakages. It can also crush insulation and potentially put strain on the structure of your building. Leakages are a potential threat to your business, customers, and shop floor machinery or equipment because of fungal and bacterial infections from accumulated debris and water.

A commercial or industrial roofing inspection:

  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Increases value for money
  • Simplifies insurance filing
  • Protects your merchandise, business and shop floor from harsh weather conditions
  • Protects roofing warranty

If you’re filing for a business insurance policy or warranty, regular roofing inspections may help you identify damages that qualify you for a potential warranty. Evaluations on industrial roofs may help you identify issues upfront, exempting you from costly liabilities on your business insurance.

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