You’re bound to bump into polyvinyl chloride PVC, whether you’re seated at home, working in the office, driving down the road, or relaxing on the field. Encountering something made-up of polyvinyl chloride is not unusual because plastic products are a “normal” part of our lives.

As seasoned providers of polyvinyl chloride roofing materials, we know the history and trajectory of PVC compounds.

In this article, we highlight fundamental changes in PVC history:

1. Large Scale Production – 1920s

Friedrich Heinrich patented PVC in the early 1900s, although research, experiments, and discoveries around PVC and PVC compounds began centuries before Heinrich. By the mid-1920s, American inventor Waldo Semon improvised PVC compounds for commercial utility products. He molded heels, water tanks, and golf balls purely from PVC compounds.

2. PVC Incorporated into Textile – 1930s

PVC found its way into many materials once manufacturers and inventors uncovered its potent cocktail. PVC entry into textile was first experimented with using products such as raincoats and shower curtains. These initial experiments equipped people for domestic maintenance, climatic patterns, and weather changes.

3. Vinyl Records – Mid-20th Century

Vinyl records ushered in a period of musical creativity. In the mid-20th century, vinyl products proved flexible, desirable, and durable for many applications. This allowed music producers to play music using vinyl-made discs. Even today, there’s a collection of vinyl records to preserve this cultural heritage.

4. PVC in Construction and Home-Building – 1970s

From the late 1960s to the 1990s, PVC materials were heavily applied for construction and homebuilding. PVC was primarily applied in window frames, piping and used for window panels. Today, PVC is used everywhere – kitchen appliances, washing buckets, sinks, fridges, etc.

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