Why Choose TPO

TPO Roofing Systems currently have the fastest growth in the roofing industry, and for a good reason. A TPO Roof combines the benefits of an EPDM roof with the benefits of a PVC roof and carries very few drawbacks. These advantages include:

  • Much better puncture resistance than EPDM and slightly better than PVC.
  • Much more environmentally friendly product than PVC or EPDM.
  • The seams are the same as PVC and stronger than EPDM due to heat welding technology.
  • The roof doesn’t heat up like a black EPDM System.
  • TPO has a chemical resistance similar to a PVC System without the weak resistance of EPDM.
  • TPO doesn’t shrink like PVC.
  • TPO doesn’t shatter like PVC.
  • TPO doesn’t deteriorate like PVC.

Every building has its own unique requirements, and the roof system chosen should cater to those requirements. However, for most buildings, we find that TPO Roofing Systems are the best fit, due to all of the advantages highlighted above. If a particular building doesn’t play to the strengths of a TPO roof system, we find that EPDM is usually the next choice.