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If you’re curious about commercial roof inspections, you’ve probably either noticed leaks on the interior of your property or you are buying a building and need to do some due diligence before finalizing everything. Regardless, having a roof inspection done is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and your assets!

Roof inspections help property owners save thousands of dollars every year by uncovering issues before they lead to major damage, and most of them can get quite expensive!

Having a seasoned roofing expert perform a commercial roof inspection, complete with a roof assessment report, photo documentation, and recommendations is the best way to stay informed and make smart, money-saving decisions about your roof. 

Roof inspections are not something you should do yourself – many property owners and managers try to do their own ‘eyeball’ inspections only to overlook crucial details that are only noticed by professional roofers that live and breathe roofing! Not to mention it can be dangerous up there, so it’s best to leave the hard stuff to experienced roofers. Whenever you think you have the need for a roof inspection, call Chaffee right away!

At Chaffee Industrial Roofing, we offer free roof inspections for customers that believe they may need to make roof repairs or fully replace their commercial roof. After a brief conversation, we will schedule one of our team members to arrive onsite and perform a thorough, multi-point roof inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll provide a detailed roof condition report with photo documentation and our recommendations (possibly repairs or replacement) so you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision about your roof!

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What is Included in a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Comprehensive commercial roof inspections are designed to provide customers with vital information about their roof’s condition so they can make smart decisions such as deciding when and what to address on their roof and/or planning for major future capital expenditures as a part of their building’s maintenance budget (i.e roof replacement). At Chaffee Industrial Roofing, we make sure to cross our T’s and dot our I’s on every inspection, leaving no stone unturned. Once a roofing inspection is scheduled, our team arrives on time and is ready to get to work. 

Chaffee Industrial Roofing is committed to working with honesty and integrity, so we’ll invite our clients to join us on the roof inspection if their schedule allows it. That way, customers learn more about commercial roofing and can better understand where and why we make the recommendations that we do whether it’s repair or replacement.

Professional commercial roof inspections almost always begin with us inspecting the interior of the building where we’ll look for evidence of water damage and other potential issues. Things like compromised structural decking and saturated insulation will help us pinpoint exactly where damage has occurred on the roof, saving time and eliminating the guesswork. 

At the beginning of our inspection, we make sure to note the age of the roof, how many layers it has on it (if core cuts are recommended/requested), try to locate any & all issues present on the roof, and determine what our recommendation(s) might be. These key points help make further suggestions more clear.

We inspect the roof surface, roof drainage areas, seams, roof penetrations & other details, and the existing edge metal, and may make core cuts to determine much more about the construction of the roof and the condition of the decking and insulation; this is a must anytime we are recommending or providing a proposal for roof replacement. It’s important to note that all core cuts are refilled and sealed to as-good-as-new quality!

Furthermore, a Chaffee Industrial Roofing service technician will take plenty of photos for documentation of the roof and potential damage to add to the report. This way customers won’t have to simply take a roofer’s word for it, they’ll have evidence of the roofing issues found! So whether you’re planning on having roof repairs or a roof replacement done right away or a year down the road, you can make the right call without having to rely on memory.

How Long Does a Roof Inspection Take?

Here, we know that it takes as long as it takes to get the job done right. That goes both ways. If the evidence says we need to look further and deeper, we’ll do it. If we can tell a roof is in good shape or badly in need of repair, we won’t dance around it. At Chaffee Industrial Roofing we get right to the point!

Roof inspections typically last anywhere from half an hour to a few hours, depending on the size of the roof and the access to it. With commercial roofs varying in size, height, and access so greatly, it’s impossible to determine beforehand exactly how long a Chaffee team member will have to inspect. However, you can count on the inspection to be thorough no matter what!

We prefer having our customers join our technicians during the inspection so that we can ask questions and learn more about the property in an efficient manner, but it is not a requirement. 

On roofs where roof access is particularly difficult, we will ask the property contact to stay behind and wait for the roof inspection report. If the roof access is unsafe we may even use a drone to take high-definition photographs. In the last few years, drones have become increasingly common in professional roofing, and Chaffee stays at the forefront of technology that enables us to work smarter and safer!

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

Alright, if you’re wondering “what’s the damage?” then you may like puns. But in all seriousness we are upfront and transparent about costs: roof inspections for customers who may be in need of roof repairs and roof replacements for the most part are complimentary!

Once the inspection is complete and a proposal has been generated, our customers will receive a detailed scope of recommended work and the costs associated with them.

On occasion, we have had prospective buyers ask for roof inspections on a property they are considering purchasing, depending on if it’s an existing relationship or not and how detailed of a roof assessment they need we may charge for it or may not.  

When you call, we’ll qualify each customer based on their individual needs and go from there. Our goal is to perform top-notch roof repairs and roof replacements at the end of the day, and roof inspections are necessary to get us there together!

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The Chaffee Difference

Why choose Chaffee? We go above and beyond to best serve our customers. Around here, we aim to become our client’s go-to commercial roofing company – for life. If we replace your roof, we want to be the company that performs repairs and routine preventative maintenance year in and out until it’s time for a new roof. 

Many times in our company’s 115-year history we have replaced a roof and then replaced it AGAIN 20 or 30 years later after its serviceable lifespan ended. We call that coming full circle.

We’re New England’s chosen commercial roofer for a reason. We work here and ONLY here. We’re a local, neighborhood roofing contractor with deep roots and a great understanding of what it takes to provide top-notch commercial roofing services to northeast-based businesses during the past century. A big-name roofing company with a regional office and a great group of employees can’t do that. 

Our competition is about making money at every opportunity. Chaffee Industrial Roofing is about building relationships that last as long as your building does, and we have the credibility to prove it. 

Oh, and did we mention that we’ll actually pick up the phone when you call us for service? Chances are you’re reading this because a 1-800 number left you on hold for an hour. At Chaffee, we can’t wait to take your call and help you with your commercial roof inspection. Contact us today!

Preventative Maintenance

Do you need preventative maintenance? Give us a call and we’ll get a service appointment scheduled for you as soon as possible! Proper maintenance will help save thousands of dollars in the long run, and we’ve got you covered!

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