HD Coverboard Rigid Insulation

HD Coverboard
HD Coverboard Rigid Insulation is used to enhance the strength of polyisocyanurate insulation, which is typically accomplished by adding a layer of HD Coverboard on top of Polyisocyanurate rigid insulation . It has an R-value of 5 per inch, and typically comes in ½” thickness. HD Coverboard insulation can be used for complete re-roofing jobs, where the existing roof system is removed down to the structural deck or roof recover jobs, where the new roof is installed over the existing roof system.

HD Coverboard is basically a much stronger version of polyisocyanurate insulation. While isocyanurate has a 20 psi strength, which is suitable for most locations, the HD coverboard is 5 times stronger at 100 psi strength. This is excellent for roof systems with heavier than usual foot traffic, roofs that have more opportunity than most to receive puncture related damage, or roofs that just need to be strengthened up.

Aside from being a stronger product, HD coverboard shares the same characteristics as polyisocyanurate insulation.

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Benefits of HD Coverboard Insulation

  • Incredibly strong at 100 psi, which is 5 times stronger than Polyisocyanurate insulation alone.
  • Holds up well and can be re-used where complete roof tear offs are not required.
  • Absorbs less than 1% of water, the same as polyisocyanurate insulation.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.

Drawbacks of HD Coverboard Insulation

  • Expensive relative to other rigid insulation products, like Polyisocyanurate.

HD coverboard rigid insulation is a great way to strengthen up a roof system. In most cases, a ½” layer of HD coverboard installed right over polyisocyanurate insulation. That way, the roof system gets the benefits of polyisocyanurate insulation with the added strength of HD coverboard.

Fenway HD Coverboard