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Chaffee Roofing Inspection and Warranty

Roofing companies that issue their own warranties rely on their own roof design and then inspect their own work. These warranties are not backed or supported by major manufacturers such as Carlisle or Firestone. As a result, when they finished with a job, they typically destock and leave. Any major or minor items they missed will become problems at a later date. Hopefully, when these problems occur, they are within the life of your warranty, the contractor actually shows up, and they don’t happen over a sensitive area inside your building.

At Chaffee Roofing, our roof systems include a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty not only covers an unlimited amount of labor and materials for the life of the warranty, but it also comes with strict compliance with manufacturers specifications that we are required to follow. How many fasteners to use, how detail work is flashed in, what products to use and where is all covered as part of these specifications.

Once the roof is completed, you as the building owner or person responsible for the roof don’t have to understand every installation detail to know if your roof was installed properly. To ensure all specifications are met, an independent, third party roof inspection takes place. The manufacturer will send an inspector out to your roof, who will create a punchlist for anything we missed. The manufacturer’s inspector completes a very thorough inspection, because after they sign off that the roof is complete, their manufacturer owns it for the duration of the warranty.

Many contractors won’t receive a warranty at this point, because they failed to follow the specifications. At Chaffee Roofing, we have never installed a roof that didn’t receive a warranty. If any warranty issues do come up before, during or after the inspection, Chaffee’s full time service team will respond.

The inspection also comes with a rating as to how well we did. Based on these ratings, we have won numerous awards and distinctions from the major manufacturers in the roofing industry.

Don’t be fooled by the contractor’s warranty that includes their own specifications, or the manufactures warranty installed by the contractor that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Go with Chaffee and get the roof warranty you were promised.

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