Roof Repairs – EPDM Roofing or “Rubber Roofing”


EPDM roofing, or “Rubber Roofing” can be difficult to repair, because the leak sources can change based on the era that the roof was installed, and who the manufacturer was. Older EPDM roofs tends to have problems with the seams and flashings, due to splicing cement being used. Newer EPDM roofs manufactured by lower quality manufacturers can have problems with carbon black leaching out of the system, essentially causing the roof system to have conditions similar to dry rotting. Other times, a leak may be caused by a simple hole or opening in the roof system.

At Chaffee Roofing, we have extensive experience repairing EPDM “Rubber” roofs. We know what to look for from the moment we walk on the roof, which allows us to make repairs quicker than other contactors, and more effectively than other contractors. Furthermore, we also insist on using products made by the best manufacturers in the industry, which means that our patch work will typically last as long as the roof system lasts!