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Chaffee Roofing offers a variety of Commercial Roofing Services that can help you take care of your flat roofing needs! Below is a list of the primary services we offer.

Existing Roof Evaluation

The first step in any work that Chaffee Completes. Chaffee Roofing will examine your roof system, indentify weak points in your roofing system, and present a few different solutions to your problem.

Existing Roof Evaluation

Roof Design and Estimate

Based on the information obtained from our roof evaluation, we create a thorough proposal based on your unique requirements. This is either completed by a Project Manager or Service Forman, depending on the type of work you are looking for.

New Roof Installation

If a new roof installation is chosen, the materials are ordered, the job is stocked, and the roof is completed. We work hard to coordinate around your buildings unique operations, and use our extensive experience re-roofing existing buildings to best serve your needs.



Routine maintenance for flat roofs tends to be a rarity for most building owners. Even simple tasks like cleaning out drains and gutters tends to be neglected, as the roof is out of sight, out of mind. By signing up for the Chaffee Maintenance Program, you can rest assured that someone is taking care of these tasks on a regular basis.


Service/Repair Work

Fixing minor problems here and there, or taking on bigger projects like stripping in the seams, can stop leaks and prevent future problems. Depending on the age and condition of your roof, Commercial Roofing Service or Repair work can buy your existing roof time before it needs to be replaced.

BUR-Roof Crack in roof

Snow Shoveling

During winters where heavy snow continually falls on flat roofs, weight load can become an issue. By using Chaffee Roofing to complete your snow shoveling work, you can rest assured that the work is being completed by an insured company that knows safety and utilizes 100% harness tie-off. You can also rest assured that the roof will not be harmed while we are completing the work, since our workers are intimately familiar with the roof system itself.

Infared Moisture Analysis

On dark colored roofs with insulation that absorbs water, like fiberboard, an infrared moisture analysis can give you a very accurate idea of how much insulation will need to be replaced. With our military grade FLIR infrared scanner, we can detect warmer areas where water exists in your insulation, and mark them out for replacement.

Infared Moisture Analysis