Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenence
For most property owners, roofs tend to be out of sight, out of mind. Much like an engine that doesn’t get serviced, minor roofing problems that are neglected can turn into major issues down the road, the worst of which can lead to premature roof replacement. As a result, Commercial Roofing Maintenance and Industrial Roofing Maintenance is extremely important.

Chaffee’s bi-annual fall and spring service program ensures that someone will be investigating your roof and taking care of these minor issues before they become major problems.

Our service foreman will take care of minor issues, such as clearing drains and patching small holes as part of the roof maintenance package. Bigger issues, such as membrane shrinking , extensive penetrations in the roof system and seam stripping, will require a separate quote for repair work.

And if there is any wildlife on your roof, we’ll do our best to scare it away, but can’t offer any guarantees!