For flat roofing recover projects, where a new roof will be installed over an existing roof, there is typically one big unknown that can lead to expensive change orders: rigid insulation replacement. This is because the rigid insulation is located under the existing roof system, making it impossible to accurately tell with the naked eye how much of the system has become wet or damaged due to old leaks. As a result, most building owners have no idea how much to budget for insulation replacement, which can add up fast.

With an Infrared Moisture Analysis of your existing older dark colored roof system, we can get a very accurate idea of how much insulation will need to be replaced, and where. The way it works is:

  • The areas with wet insulation absorb more heat during a warm day than dry insulation does.
  • As the sun sets and the temperature falls, your roof becomes colder with the outside air. But, the warmer wet areas of existing insulation continue to hold heat.
  • With our infrared scanner, we can pin point these warmer areas and find out exactly where wet locations are.

Colder Insulation


We are basically searching for areas where the flat roof is warmer than the outside air. Once we identify these areas with the infrared scanner,

Before 1

we mark them on the roof level using white paint.

After 1

Plus, we take a picture from the infrared scanner and a regular digital camera to mark out both locations.

By the time we are finished, your roof has been extensively mapped out for areas where the insulation will need to be replaced. Now, not only do we know how much of the existing insulation will need to be replaced, but where it needs to be replaced. Now, that big unknown cost is something that can be budgeted for!