Existing Roof Evaluation
The first time Chaffee Roofing visits a new location, we conduct an evaluation of the existing roof system currently in place. This involves a visual inspection of areas inside the building where the leaks are occurring and the roof itself. We check for defects and potential troubling areas that could be causing the problems inside the building. Depending on the condition of the roof system, and the scope of work being considered, this is either conducted by an estimator or a service forman.

If the work is scheduled to be quoted as contract, we also take measurements of the roof, obtain a core analysis (Don’t worry, we’ll patch it up when we are done!) and pictures of the defect areas. This is all completed so that we can create a roof design and estimate. If your building only requires small repair work, this work can be completed on a time and materials basis, often up to a pre-determined maximum value.