Ballasted Roof Repair using TPO

The roof system over this building at this retail plaza was a ballasted EPDM roof system that was aged and incredibly tired. With a ballasted roof in this condition, repairs are extremely difficult, because leaks are well hidden under the stone. Furthermore dirt gets trapped under the stone, making detection even harder.

Based on the condition of the roof system, the property owner decided to go with a New Carlisle .060 TPO roof system because of its durability, and ability to stay cool, unlike the EPDM membrane. Additionally, TPO materials are more environmentally friendly than EPDM.

Scope of Work – EPDM Membrane Installation

To accommodate the property owner’s requirements for a proven, 20-year total system warrantied roof system, the scope of work was:20150630_134934

  • Remove ballast stone.
  • The stone itself was vacuumed off the roof, as usual.
  • Install new 1” polyisocyanurate rigid insulation, mechanically attached to the deck over the existing insulation, after damaged or wet areas were removed and replaced.
  • Install new .060 mil reinforced TPO Membrane, installed to Carlisle 20 year specifications. For this project, a TPO Membrane Installation was chosen due to its puncture resistance, flexibility, reflectivity, and proven history.
  • 20-year total system warranty through Carlisle. A manufacturer’s warranty was specified because the property owner wanted a third party inspection of the roof to ensure it was installed properly.

By the end of the job, Chaffee Roofing had installed a heavy duty TPO roof system to provide many years of leak free service.