Gaf Timberline Architectural Shingles


The existing roof system at the Research Laboratory was an aged 3-tab shingle system where the shingles were in very poor shape. They displayed all of the signs of a worn out shingle roof: missing granules, curled or buckled shingles, missing shingles, discoloration, and more. These shingles were in need of replacement.




Based on other work they were completing at the time, the customer decided to complete the roof in two phases, working on the front of the building first, and the back of the building last. They decided to go with GAF oyster gray architectural shingles for their proven performance, enhanced durability, and superior looks. The customer also decided to remove the existing shingles down to the structural decking, which is always a good idea on any roof system, especially with shingles.




Shingle Roof Project in Progress


Scope of Work – Architectural Shingle Installation

To accommodate the customer’s requirements for a heavy duty and aesthetically pleasing roof system, the scope of work was:

  • Remove the existing roof system down to the wood decking.
    • When two layers of shingles exist on sloped roof system, a complete removal is required by building code.
    • With shingle roof systems, as with any roof system, a full roof removal is highly recommended.
  • Install GAF Ice and Water shield throughout the entire roof system.
    • On roofs with a 4 pitch or greater, ice and water shield is only required 6’ up from the perimeter and in the valleys.
    • In this case, the customer decided to use full ice and water shield to have a complete secondary layer of weatherproofing.
  • Install permanent roof safety anchors every 50’ apart throughout the roof system.
    • These permanent roof anchors would be covered over by the new shingles, so only the D-ring is exposed.
  • Install new F8 drip edge metal around the perimeter.
  • Install new GAF Timberline Architectural Shingles, installed to GAF specifications. The customer chose Oyster Gray as the color on this building, which looked great with the white siding and darker colored edge metal.
  • Install new GAF Cobra Ridge Vent, along with GAF Ridge Cap shingles. This replaced the older style ridge vents that existed on the roof system, and provides far better ventilation throughout the roof system.

By the end of the project, the customer had everything they hoped for. A brand new, heavy duty, beautiful looking shingle roof system that will serve them for decades to come!