TPO Membrane Installation

Field Companies Coverphoto

The existing roof at Field Companies was an old graveled Built Up Roof System that was mopped directly to the gypsum decking. No existing insulation was installed in this roof system, making the r-value virtually 0. Since the original installation, the gravel had been moved around significantly, and many cracks existed in the roof system, which was causing leaks throughout the building.  And, continued patching was not effective.

BUR Crack

Roof system that existed prior to Chaffee installation.

Because the built up roof was mopped directly to the structural gypsum deck, it would have been extremely difficult to remove. Plus, we wanted to avoid fastening into the gypsum deck due to the noise generated inside the building. As a result, we recommended wet-vacuuming off the existing gravel stone and potential dust, then installing a Firestone fully adhered TPO membrane installation. To avoid installing fasteners in the insulation, we recommended adhering the insulation to the existing Build Up Roof System using olybond insulation adhesives. The end result is that neither the insulation nor the membrane had any fasteners in the field of the roof.

We also recommended installing 3.25” polyisocyanurate insulation, which has an R-value of 20. This amount of insulation was used, even though it was a recover or “go over” roofing job, in order to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Scope of Work – TPO Membrane Installation

To accommodate Field Companies requirements for a fully adhered, 20 year total system warranted roof system that would improve the energy efficiency of their building, the scope of work was:

  • Install new 3.25” polyisocyanurate rigid insulation, adhered to the existing BUR roof. The total R-value achieved with this insulation is 20, which helped meet the building owners request for a more energy efficient building.
Olybond Installation

Insulation adhered to the existing BUR roof

  • Install new fully adhered .060 mil white TPO Membrane, installed to Firestone 20 year specifications. For this project, a TPO Membrane Installation was chosen due to its puncture resistance, white reflective membrane, heat welded seams and cooling attributes.
  • 20 year total system warranty through Firestone.
    • A manufacturer’s warranty was specified because Field Companies wanted a third party inspection of the roof to ensure it was installed properly.

At the end of the job, all of the leaks were gone, the building owner reported that the inside of the building was noticeably cooler, and they received a 20 year warranty on the roof! Plus, very little noise occurred during the roof installation, allowing everyone inside to work peacefully.