EPDM Membrane Installation

Cover Photo

The roof system over Fenway Park’s executive offices is the oldest section of the park, built in 1912. It is located behind the original Fenway Park sign near gate A, and was an aged Modified Bitumen Roof System that had been patched extensively  The historic metal wall covering was also in tough shape as well, and needed to be replaced.

Before Photo

Roof System that existed prior to Chaffee Installation

Fenway Park specified an .075 mil EPDM Membrane Installation that met FM Global’s I-90 requirements and Carlisle 25 year warranty specifications. The historic metal wall also had to be installed to meet FM Global’s I-90 requirements, while also meeting National Historic requirements and Boston Historic Commission requirements. This roofing project would also have tours walking within 3’ of our job site at roof level every 15 minutes. Chaffee’s extensive experience working on occupied buildings, where appearance and professionalism are essential, was extremely important. Finally, the job had to be completed before opening day on April 8th, 2013, which was only 3 weeks away.

Scope of Work – EPDM Membrane Installation

To accommodate Fenway Park’s requirements for a heavy duty, 25 year total system warrantied roof system, the scope of work was:

  • Remove all layers of existing roof down to the steel decking. Because a dumpster couldn’t be placed on Yawkey way, and a trash shoot would have been an eye sour to the most historic part of Fenway Park, removing the roofing debris required a crane. All debris were loaded into debris pans, and then removed by a crane on designated days and “live loaded” into waiting dumpster trucks.
    • Removing both roof layers is required by building code.
  • Install layers of new 1.5” and 2” polyisocyanurate rigid insulation and ½” HD Coverboard, mechanically attached to the deck . The total R-value achieved with this insulation is 23.5, which exceeds the minimum required by building code at the time of this installation.
    • Fenway Park opted for a layer of ½” HD Coverboard, because they wanted to enhance the puncture resistance and durability of their roof system.
Insulation Used

New insulation installed. Top white layer is 100 PSI, 1/2″ HD Coverboard.

  • Install new .075 mil reinforced EPDM Membrane, installed to FM Global I-90 specifications. For this project, an EPDM Membrane Installation was chosen due to its puncture resistance, proven history, and black, debris blending appearance.
    • As with all FM Global projects, Chaffee worked directly with the FM Global Engineering Specialist to determine enhancements for this specific job. FM Global required additional fastening along the corners and perimeter of the roof system, which was obtained through the use of RUSS strip and heavy duty fasteners.
  • 25 year total system warranty through Carlisle. To meet Carlisle’s 25 year requirements, all detail and flashing work was performed twice.
    • A manufacturer’s warranty was specified because Fenway wanted a third party inspection of the roof to ensure it was installed properly.


Scope of Work – Historic Metal Wall Installation

Because the historic metal wall panels were located in the most historic section of Fenway, directly behind the original Fenway Park sign, it had to go through Boston Historic Commissions evaluation and approvals. At the same time, the wall needed to meet FM I-90 requirements, which had the potential to conflict with Boston Historic Commissions specifications. To meet both requirements:

  • We designed and submitted several options for review by all parties.  The metal type itself was designed to meet FM requirements, which determined the thickness, type of metal and fastening strength. The bend and appearance of the metal was designed to meet historic requirements, who wanted a design matching to what existed before.
Wall Detail 1

Existing metal panel design used for Historic Metal Wall Installation

  • Once a design finalist was chosen, we fabricated and installed a prototype over the existing metal. This prototype was then reviewed and approved by all 3 parties involved.
  • The existing metal panels were removed while the crane was onsite. This exposed the original brick wall that was located behind the Fenway Park sign.
  • Once the panels were bent, production began for the metal wall. This was installed in conjunction with the EPDM membrane installation, since the membrane needed to be installed before the metal panels to accommodate the waterproof terminations required.
  • Once the roof was completed, the metal team finished up their work within days. The type of metal chosen for this job was designed to absorb paint, so Fenway Park can use their own custom “Fenway Green” color.
During Wall

New metal wall next to old metal wall. Picture taken during installation

Despite 2 significant snowstorms, Chaffee Roofing had the EPDM membrane roof and historic metal wall completed within 3 weeks. FM Global inspected the roof and found that we met there specifications completely, and Carlisle gave us a perfect 10 rating based on their inspection. Plus, the Red Sox won on opening day!