Custom Tapered Roofing Insulation over EPDM Membrane


This building still had its original built-up asphalt and gravel roof in place. Subsequently it had been covered over with new insulation and a new fully adhered EPDM membrane roof. Over time the EPDM roof had become un-adhered from the insulation, and large areas were only held in place with buckets filled with water and sand, which is not only a hazard to workers who may need to walk on the roof, but dangerous to people below should the buckets accidentally roll off the roof. High winds were causing additional areas of the existing roof membrane to blow off the insulation.

Scope of Work – EPDM Membrane Installation

To accommodate the schedule, set by the client, that no work should occur during the busy summer months and vacation weeks, Chaffee had to:

  • Remove all existing roofing down to the structural deck.
  • Install specially designed tapered insulation which was cut to ensure adequate drainage.
  • Install a new layer of 1” ridged insulation over the new tapered insulation to improve adhesion of the new roof membrane.
  • Install new .060 PVC membrane, which was fully adhered to the new, ridged insulation. Completion included new metal edging and walk pads to facilitate work on the many HVAC units on the roof.
  • A 20 Year Full System Labor and Materials warranty was put into place, by Carlisle, the materials manufacturer




Tapered Plan

Tapered Plan





Once again Chaffee’s crews were up to the task on this difficult and exacting project. By creating a custom tapered insulation system, Chaffee insured that the roof had adequate drainage to eliminate standing water on the roof after a rain storm, or during melting snow. In addition, for the future work crews, who will have to work on HVAC units on the roof new walk pads were put into the design, for both the safety of that crew, as well as the continued health of the roof.