Custom Designed Patio with Concrete Pavers over EPDM Membrane Installation

Cover Photo - Amica Insurance

The roof system over this section of building 25 at Amica Insurance was a ballasted EPDM roof system that was covered with worn and broken concrete paver blocks. This patio roof area is used as an outside dinning patio area, as it is adjacent to the employee cafeteria. Some sections of this patio were blocked off as the walking surface was no longer safe. With a paver ballasted roof construction such as this, any required roof repairs are extremely difficult, because flaws are well hidden under the stone pavers, and dirt gets trapped under the pavers as well, making detection even harder. The pavers that existed were also incredibly tired, and badly needed replacement.

Mvc-010s before cu

Ballast paver system that existed prior to Chaffee installation.

Based on the condition of the pavers and the roof system itself, Amica decided to go with a new Firestone EPDM Membrane Installation first, followed by 8,000 PSI Westile plaza pavers. The pavers themselves were colored and organized carefully to get the correct look.

Because the pavers would cover this entire roof section, making the EPDM roof system underneath extremely hard to patch and detect leaks, Amica opted for a .075 EPDM roof system with a polyfelt filter fabric installed over the EPDM membrane as a layer of protection between the membrane and pavers. All 4 corners of each new paver are held above the roof system and supported with pedastals. To enhance the performance of this system, Chaffee suggested that the seam tape system be upgraded from 3” width to a 6” width, and, as additional coverage, all seams being covered with a 9” coverstrip. Amica elected to proceed with this upgrade, as it is a lot easier to do this work before the pavers are installed than after. Plus, the added cost was insignificant when compared with the total project cost.


Scope of Work – EPDM Membrane Installation

To accommodate Amica’s requirements for a heavy duty, 20 year total system labor and materials warrantied roof system, the scope of work was:

Pavers Removed

Ballast roof removal completed by Chaffee during installation


  • Remove existing roof system down to the concrete decking. Because of foot traffic below and landscaping protection, removing the roofing debris required a crane. All debris were loaded into steel debris buckets, and then lifted up in the air and loaded into dumpsters.
Crane Pavers

Crane unloading old ballasted pavers for disposal and loading new Plaza pavers for installation

    • Removing both roof layers is required by building code.
    • In Amicas case, it also provided the additional benefit of reducing the weight load of the roof.
  • Install new 3.25” polyisocyanurate rigid insulation , loose laid on the roof. The total R-value achieved with this insulation is 20, which exceeded the minimum required by building code at the time of this installation.
  • Install new .075 mil reinforced EPDM Membrane, installed to Firestone 20 year specifications. For this project, an EPDM Membrane Installation was chosen due to its puncture resistance, flexibility and proven history.
  • Install custom designed concrete pavers, laid out in accordance with an outside architects design. Every paver had to be installed in the correct location to achieve the design and appearance Amica wanted.
  • 20 year total system warranty through Firestone.
    • A manufacturer’s warranty was specified because Amica wanted a third party inspection of the roof to ensure it was installed properly.

By the end of the job, Chaffee Roofing had installed a heavy duty EPDM roof system, along with a custom colored paver system, with every paver placed in the perfect position. Today, Amica employees enjoy the patio on every sunny day, and don’t have to worry about leaks on rainy days!