Office Buildings

officesAll offices are looking for Chaffee Roofing to complete operations with as little interruption to inside operations as possible. They also expect a roofing crew that will be professional and courteous to their occupants.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Stocking the job as early in the morning as possible, in as few locations as possible, to avoid taking up valuable parking spaces.
  • Accessing the roof through a ladder in back of the building, if possible. That way, we can avoid walking through the building in order to gain access to a roof hatch.
  • Recommending mechanically attached roofing systems to prevent rooftop units from sucking in foul smelling chemicals, like bonding adhesive.

Research Labs

Research-LabsEvery research lab we have completed roofing work for had sensitive operations occurring inside the building. This means that, to the extent possible, we have to avoid working in certain areas of the building where different sensitive testing is occurring.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Coordinating closely with the customer during the prejob and creating a daily schedule for the customer, showing them where we will be working each day, weather dependent.
  • Coordinating with representatives inside the building on a daily basis to ensure the location we will be working on won’t interfere with operations inside the building.
  • Tearing off the existing roof at night, which is the noisiest and dirtiest part of the operation, to avoid interruption to daily activities.

Television Stations

TV-StationsEvery television station we have worked for has specific times when they are broadcasting. This requires them to have absolute silence at certain times during the day, typically during lunch and evening broadcasts.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Stocking the roof later in the morning, to prevent noise from entering the building during morning broadcasts.
  • Adjusting break times and lunch times to accommodate the stations requirements.
  • Tearing off the roof at night, to allow the noisiest portion of a job to occur when limited operations are occurring inside the building.

Shopping Centers

Shopping CentersShopping centers always require cleanliness and appearance above all. They want customers to enjoy their shopping experience with as little interruption as possible. To the extent possible, we try to be out of site, out of mind.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Keeping ladders, trucks, dumpsters, and equipment in back of the building, where they are out of sight.
  • Performing daily cleanups of the job site and grounds surrounding the building. Our goal is to leave the site cleaner than we found it.
  • Utilize night roof tear offs so that customers aren’t disrupted by the noise.


FactoriesMost factories we have worked on have machines that can’t be turned off, no matter what. Even if they can be turned off, every second lost is prohibitively expensive. These machines also can’t have any outside debris or elements fall into them without causing major problems.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Covering up sensitive machines and units using temporary tarps and poly.
  • Working closely with building representatives during the prejob so that they have a daily plan of which section of the roof we are going to be working on.
  • Utilizing down time (when possible) to roof extremely sensitive areas.


WarehouseWarehouses want to keep their inventory safe at all costs. Whether storing their own products or a tenants, the inventory must not be interrupted or compromised.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

  • Covering up products that may have exposure to outside elements.
  • Giving management our work schedule during the prejob, so that they know where we will be each day.
  • Starting the roof tear off in an empty location, if possible, so that we can know whether debris will fall inside the building.

Barreled Roofs

Barreled RoofsBarreled roofs require us to be as careful as possible, in order to install the roof properly and safely. They also require a roof system that is as slip resistant as possible, and has the best attachment possible.

Chaffee Roofing met this challenge by:

You Name It!

If it’s any type of commercial or industrial flat roof (any non-residential building) we have roofed it! And, the same Chaffee crew that installed a similar job would be hand selected to roof your building as well.