Preparation vs. Repair: Roof Safety Concerns

Nov 09, 2017

Did you know that workers in the roof industry have the 6th most dangerous job in America? According to The Center for Construction Research and Training, 29.9 deaths per 100,000 workers occur annually in the roofing industry, which is double the rate of other jobs in construction, and translates into 50 roofers dying on the job every year.

At Chaffee Roofing, we strictly adhere to the best practices in our industry to ensure the safety of our workers, and the safety of your commercial roof. We know that you are committed to the safety of your workers, and we take this seriously.

Let’s begin with a worthy reason to have roof repairs done regularly and promptly.

Leaks Lead To Safety Concerns

It is best to prevent leaks in your commercial roof by having it regularly inspected by your contractor, but if water does find a way through your roof and into your building, it should be immediately repaired. Why?

    1. Water that flows through your roof will likely flow through your building in a random way, and a small amount of water can damage ceiling tiles, causing them to fall to the floor, potentially harming workers or damaging inventory.
    1. Should water spill through your roof and cause your floor to become slick, a worker or customer could easily slip and injure themselves. Slips and falls are the leading cause of worker compensation claims for workers of 55 years of age or more.
    1. Mold cannot grow without water, but with water it can grow on wood and gypsum drywall. And a small patch of mold can release spores, which are highly resilient to a variety of conditions and spread out into nearby structures and materials.

While the precise effects of mold on people who come in contact with it continue to be investigated by medical professionals, according to the Mayo Clinic, mold aggravates allergies and can trigger asthma attacks.

And now let’s move to two truths to be aware of before your roof is built or repaired:


    1. Faulty Decking Will Not Hold Up Your Roof Properly

Business owners, generally speaking, do not relish the idea of spending lots of money on a roof repair or replacement, though better to budget for roofing costs than be forced to deal with unexpected costs due to a roof with a short lifespan.

If your structural decking, the material that your external roofing materials will be attached to, is compromised in some way, it will also need to be replaced or repaired if your goal is a safe, stable commercial roof.

    1. Proper Drainage And Waterproofing Materials Are Essential

When settling on a roof contractor for your commercial roof, ensure that they have an easy-to-understand, comprehensive plan to prevent water pooling and leaking. Many roofs that leak do so because the contractors did not do their job properly, creating a roof that is ready to take on continual streams of water and divert them from your property.

Roofing and safety concerns go hand-in-hand but a highly experienced roofing company like Chaffee Industrial Roofing can significantly reduce your risk of encountering serious safety issues in connection with your commercial roof.

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