How do you extend the lifespan of your new commercial roof? It is a very important question to ask when you make that big investment in improving your property. Get the answer right, and you will get the return you deserve, but get it wrong, and you are throwing money away.

Based on its cost and importance, you should care for your commercial roof. A new roof is a new start in protecting your building and putting a lot of old problems behind you.

Let’s take a look at how you can extend the lifespan of your commercial roof.

Keep roof drains, gutters and scupper boxes clean

A significant amount of people fail to keep leaves and debris out of water outlets. This causes drains, gutters, scupper boxes, and other water outlets to get clogged, causing a variety of problems. This can include damaging the underlying insulation, water running over counter-flashing details and into the building, or even water running off the side of the building, which wears down siding work, painting work, etc.

Scheduling an annual cleaning from a roofing contractor can keep so many problems from developing. People always ask if they can do this themselves. With basic cleaning, the answer is typically yes if you are capable of doing so, but we can tell you from experience that 99% of people forget. Flat roofs are always out of sight, out of mind! Scheduling an annual roof inspection and cleaning is a relatively inexpensive way to make sure this gets done every year! 

Regular inspections

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, inspect, inspect, and inspect some more. 

An inspection will help us identify any problems before they become serious. It will also help identify areas on the roof where future repairs may be needed. This will help you identify what areas to keep an eye on, and hopefully help you project what roofing costs may be coming up down the road.

Extending the lifespan of your new commercial roof depends on you keeping a qualified eye on it. Get a contractor to do an annual inspection.

It will save you money.

Repair any damage immediately

Damage is another problem that so many people ignore. Especially if the leak “Isn’t that bad”.

It’s not as if the damage will go away or get any better. Plus, the longer the defect exists, the worse the damage will be to both the roof, the structural decking and the interior of the building.  If a branch or dropped tool punctures the surface of the roof, call in the roof repair company. They will do a professional job and restore the roof to how it should look. Weather can do a lot of damage to the roof, but an inspection and repair project will keep it under control.

A new roof is resilient, but you must repair any damage as soon as possible.

Keep the trees under control

Do you have trees on the property?

Trees look great and will protect your building, but they can still damage the new roof. Heavy winds and rain can cause branches to split off and blow onto the roof, which will do damage. An older tree can become unstable and fall on the roof too. Leaves blowing in the fall can gather on the roof and drains.

Get a tree contractor to keep the growth under control and have the drains cleaned during the fall.

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