Autumn is the Perfect Time for Preventative Maintenance on Commercial Roofs

Good commercial roof preventative maintenance practices include semiannual inspections. And Autumn is the perfect time of year to schedule this service. While today’s commercial roofing systems are durable and much more resilient than they were 10 years ago, neglecting autumn roof preventative maintenance can lead to premature roof failure. For the best insurance against the high replacements costs associated with damaged roofing systems, the commercial roofing industry recommends semiannual inspections and maintenance. During the summer months, intense UV rays, torrential downpours and strong winds can wreak havoc on a roof. Even the strongest roofs can be damaged or become victims to the elements. Having a professional commercial roofing company perform an autumn audit of your roof’s condition, you can identify existing roof issues and repair them prior to going into the winter months. This increases the life of your roof which can translate into big financial savings for you. Typical Autumn Roof Preventative Maintenance and Inspections The typical autumn survey includes a visual check of the interior ceiling and walls for water staining, followed by a careful rooftop examination of the membrane and base flashings, edge metal, roof adhesives and penetrations. The field of the roof is examined and ballast or roof coatings (if applicable) are inspected for integrity. The inspector is looking for loose flashing, missing fasteners, displaced or deformed metal, corrosion, seam integrity, […]