How Easily Do EPDM Roofs Puncture?

Chaffee Roofing clients know all about the durability of EPDM, the cost of the product, and how easy is it to install. A common query from our clients is how easily do EPDM roofs puncture? It must be in the top 5 questions customers ask us about EPDM roofs. Our answer is a simple one EPDM, like any single-ply product, is prone to punctures from direct impact. Stabs from a screwdriver or sharp object will make a hole in the membrane. However, EPDM is very durable for regular foot traffic, roof maintenance, rooftop unit maintenance, etc. In fact, some manufacturers are starting to offer puncture resistant warranties on some EPDM roof systems!  As the question comes up a lot, we have compiled our thoughts on EPDM and punctures into a blog post. Let’s take a closer look at EPDM and how to solve the problem of punctures. How can you puncture EPDM? EPDM roofs are also known as rubber roofs. Rubber can puncture, as anyone who rides a bike or drives an automobile will know. Once you know the dangers, then you can avoid them. Falling branches during a storm can spear the EPDM causing a lot of damage. Workers on the roof can drop a sharp tool, such as a screwdriver, through the EPDM roof or even puncture it by wearing the wrong footwear. […]

The Fault With EPDM Roofing Seams

The Fault With EPDM Roofing Seams EPDM is a fine roofing material and one which many Chaffee Roofing clients use. A significant advantage of EPDM roofing is its durability and high UV resistance. However, many flat roof owners find fault with their EPDM roofing seams, particularly on older EPDM roof systems with glued seams once they begin to wear down. Extensive patching to EPDM roof systems can be expensive because the accessories are almost as expensive as the EPDM field membrane itself. The cause of most replacement EPDM projects? The seams and flashing details. The EPDM membrane itself may be fine but when the seams and flashings begin to go, customers are left with two options: extensive patchwork or total replacement. Why faulty seams? A professional roofer will install your EPDM roof to the highest standards. At Chaffee Roofing, we only use highly qualified roofing professionals, who are guaranteed to always do a quality installation using premium materials.The problem is that EPDM relies on adhesives to hold the seams and flashing details together. With TPO and PVC roof systems, the seams and flashings are heat welded, which means that the product becomes one sheet. With EPDM, heat welding is not possible, so primers and adhesives are used. So what is the downside? The adhesives break down and dry out over time. It is inevitable, and […]