Four Signs Your Commercial Roof May Not Make it Through the Winter

Your commercial roof may not make it through the winter. It happens every winter when roofs collapse, spring leaks, or get damaged in a storm. Knowing the signs in advance will help you save the roof and save you money too. At Chaffee Roofing, we hear about roof problems every day. Our years of experience help us help our clients and prevent those problems from getting worse. We put some of the more common signs of these problems into a post, which should benefit all commercial roof owners. To help you know the signs that a commercial roof may not make it through the winter, take a look at the following points. Sagging across the roof Probably one of the more obvious signs is a sagging roof.  Get up on the roof and take a quick look around. If rainwater is gathering in pools, then you have a sagging roof problem. The deeper the pond, the bigger the problem. Sagging roofs can quickly develop into huge problems. Rain, snow, and hail can gather in pools and put a lot of extra weight on the roof structure. Your roof may collapse under the pressure, or you may get additional leaks around the building as the roof system stretches and expands beyond its design. The added weight of a heavy winter snowfall can be a disaster for […]

Four Benefits of Having Your Commercial Roof Inspected

The benefits of having your commercial roof inspected far outweigh the costs involved. Indeed most annual inspections cost very little, especially when you compare them to the cost of the problem. At Chaffee Roofing, we do plenty of annual commercial roof inspections. We recommend completing them on any roof because the benefits are so obvious. Sometimes clients are a bit skeptical, so we put a post together to help the skeptics see the way. As a reminder to inspect your commercial roof, let’s take a look at some of the following benefits. Detect leaks Leaks can happen anytime and anywhere. It does not matter how good the roofing material is; a bit of unexpected damage may let the rain or moisture leak through the roof. We sometimes see the results of a bad installation project. Maybe the wrong adhesive was used, or just poor working practices left gaps in the roof. A qualified, professional contractor is worth the money, so be careful with cheaper alternatives. An inspection will look for these problems. The commercial roof needs caring for and a bit of maintenance every year.  The smallest defects can cause the biggest problems. Find them before it is too late. How is the roof aging? A commercial roof will have a natural lifespan. If you care for it, the roof will reach its target and […]

Choosing The Longest Lasting Commercial Roofing For Harsh Winters

Winters are harsh on commercial roofing. All of that rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind will do damage. Often business owners think their roof is strong until a night of wind and rain brings leaks and damp patches. The weight of heavy snowfall or a week of ice will cause its own problems. A harsh winter will expose weaknesses, often with devastating results. At Chaffee Roofing, we know the benefits of a long-lasting commercial roof. The type of roofing to come through the winter and withstand the toughest conditions is what you need. Let’s take a closer look at the best roofing for your building. TPO is one of the best roofing solutions for harsh winter problems. We supply EPDM, TPO, and PVC membrane roofing materials for commercial installs. All three products have their benefits, depending on the style of the roof. TPO is one of the best for harsh winters. It has many benefits, and for commercial roofs going through harsh winters, TPO covers all eventualities. Not shattering is one of the major benefits of any roof in a harsh winter. Instant, low temperatures can cause a roof to shatter, often overnight. This will not happen with TPO, and you can rest assured when the coldest nights come that your TPO roof will stay secure. Shrinking is another problem with cold and freezing conditions. […]

Types Of Commercial Roofing That Are Installed Over Your Old Roofing

Does your old commercial roof need replacing? Are you considering installing a new roof over the old one? Are you worried about choosing the right roof for your building?  We see projects where removing and disposing of the old roof is as big a job as installing the new one. The solution can lie in installing the new roofing over the existing one. There are types of commercial roofing systems that allow you to do this without any trouble. When done correctly, the finished roof is as strong and reliable as any new installation. Let’s take a closer look at the types of commercial roofing to install over your old roofing. TPO will install easily over the old roof TPO is one of those materials which fits easily over an old commercial roof.  The heat-welded seams do not leak, and the TPO does not shrink under the summer sun.  A significant advantage of TPO is puncture resistance. If you have a lot of foot traffic on your roof, then TPO is for your building. A team of qualified roofing technicians will install your new roof and leave you with a much-improved structure. Shingles can be difficult We often get calls from clients looking to replace a shingle roof. A major expense can be the removal and disposal of the old shingles. Yes, it is possible […]

Extending The Lifespan Of Your New Commercial Roof

How do you extend the lifespan of your new commercial roof? It is a very important question to ask when you make that big investment in improving your property. Get the answer right, and you will get the return you deserve, but get it wrong, and you are throwing money away. Based on its cost and importance, you should care for your commercial roof. A new roof is a new start in protecting your building and putting a lot of old problems behind you. Let’s take a look at how you can extend the lifespan of your commercial roof. Keep roof drains, gutters and scupper boxes clean A significant amount of people fail to keep leaves and debris out of water outlets. This causes drains, gutters, scupper boxes, and other water outlets to get clogged, causing a variety of problems. This can include damaging the underlying insulation, water running over counter-flashing details and into the building, or even water running off the side of the building, which wears down siding work, painting work, etc. Scheduling an annual cleaning from a roofing contractor can keep so many problems from developing. People always ask if they can do this themselves. With basic cleaning, the answer is typically yes if you are capable of doing so, but we can tell you from experience that 99% of people forget. […]

Tapered Insulation – How Does It Work?

On buildings designed with little to no roof pitch (i.e., slope to direct water toward drains, scuppers, etc.), or older buildings that may have settled over time, ponding water can be an issue. Depending on how much water ponds on the roof and how long it stays there, solutions are usually developed to help promote drainage. One of the most common solutions is tapered insulation. But how does tapered insulation work? The first step is always to determine the severity of the problem. If ponding water is minimal, then installing a tapered insulation system may be overkill. Adding drains, scuppers, or even installing relief outlets can solve smaller ponding water problems at a fraction of the cost. However, if ponding water is problematic throughout a large portion of the roof system, tapered insulation should be considered. The next step is to obtain information on the existing roof system. This starts in the field, obtaining roof measurements and identifying sources of water relief. Drains, scuppers, gutters, etc. all need to be identified and measured out relative to the building. That way, when the tapered system is designed, we know where we are trying to direct the water. Once information is obtained, the next step is to create a design. Typically, a design starts around the drains and works its way towards the edge of the building. […]

Membrane Formula Changes – New and Improved or Inconsistent and Unproven

In the world we live in today, we want everything we buy to be the latest and greatest. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, car, appliance, or even a kid’s toy, the newest products are what everyone wants and talks about. Even a model of just about any product above a year or two old can be sold for steep discounts in favor of clearing space for upcoming models. However, with most construction products, especially flat commercial roofing products, the opposite is typically true. Why? Probably the biggest reason, in my opinion, is that unlike most consumer items, construction products are something that you will likely live with for decades. Even something as major as a car is typically replaced every 5 to 10 years. Compare that to a flat roof system, which is typically warranted from 15 to 30 years. As a result, product failure or shortcoming is something that you may have to live with for a long time, especially if it isn’t backed up by a strong warranty. This means that for many people who are experienced in construction, they don’t want to be the guinea pig with something that will last such a long time and comes with such a high price tag. Another reason that consistency prevails in the construction industry is that oftentimes, manufacturers will release a new product to […]

Installing A Greener Commercial Roof For Your Business

Installing A Greener Commercial Roof For Your Business Installing a greener commercial roof for your business will save you money. Isn’t that nice to hear when you are considering your roofing options? The good news continues as the long-term savings can be substantial. Less heat loss, better heat reflection, and more control over running the AC will put more money in the company’s pocket over the years.At Chaffee Roofing we know the benefits of installing a greener commercial roof. Clients appreciate the quality of our work and make use of Chaffee Roofing’s many decades of experience. We use our knowledge of greener roof materials to determine which one will work best on your roofing project. This is why we believe TPO is the best commercial roofing material to enhance your green credentials. Let’s take a closer look behind our reasons. TPO is white and reflects the heat In our New England climate, you could be running the air conditioning from late spring to early fall. Energy use is a big enemy of the environment, and the HVAC is a significant expense in any company’s budget.TPO is available in white, which will reflect the heat. The less heat absorbed from the sun, the less you need to run the AC. This can be significant with a large commercial roof. Also, by reflecting the UV rays of […]

4 Not So Obvious Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacing

Your commercial roof needs replacing when it leaks, buckles, splits or blows off in a storm. These are the obvious signs that the roof needs replacing. How about the not so obvious ones? The signs your commercial roof needs replacing, which don’t even occur to you? After all, you’re busy running your business, and the roof should be the least of your concerns. At Chaffee Roofing we often see roof damage which goes unnoticed. With this in mind we’re putting together this post to help clients spot the not so obvious signs of when a commercial roof needs replacing. The 4 not so obvious signs your commercial roof needs replacing are: Utility bills going up The roof is older than you think Staining areas on the roof surface Small bubbles and blisters Let’s take a closer look at each point. Utility bills going up We all see increases in our utility bills from time to time. The problem is when you notice a consistent rise over many bills. As flat roof systems begin to fail and start leaking more often, the underlying insulation can become compromised, especially when the underlying insulation is fiberboard. This can mean that your once energy efficient roof system is no longer keeping energy inside the building as the insulation gets soaked and loses its “R” value.  As a result, your […]

Local Roofing Company Celebrates 110 Years

The year was 1908. It was a simpler time, where aviation and long-distance radio were still considered wonders and novelties of a new millennia. A mere decade had passed since the formal end of the Spanish-American War, and the United States was still only a few years short of entering into World War I. In the small state of Rhode Island, a family company would emerge that would stand to change the industry of textile and roofing installations throughout generations. When Thomas K. Chaffee Sr. came to Providence, leaving his small hometown of Faribault, Minnesota to live with his sister and her husband, he came seeking new opportunities and a chance to make a mark on a growing industry. The Industrial Revolution had paved the way for large mills and commercial buildings that would require impeccable maintenance and care in order to keep production streamlined. Thus, the Thomas K. Chaffee Company was born. Throughout the years, Thomas K. Chaffee Company has seen its share of new ownership and even a new name, but it has always remained in the careful hands and guidance of family. From Thomas Chaffee’s son, Henry, to his grandson Steven, generations of Chaffee members have sought to bring the best and newest technology in commercial and industrial roofing products to New England. Countless brothers, sons, nephews and even wives have brought […]