Factors in Sustainable Commercial Roofing Repairs

The definition of a sustainable roof can be someone enigmatic. It can mean different things to different people. even the terminology can be confusing. But what is clear is that sustainable roofs can save money and produce energy. Here are four key factors that you should keep in mind when looking for sustainable roofing repair or installation solution. Insulation We measure the insulation value of a roof, and any other surface and material with insulating capabilities, in terms of R-value. R-value is the rating of a material’s resistance to heat transfer through itself As roofs act as an essential barrier to different environmental forces inside and outside the building, roof insulation plays a crucial role in ensuring longevity and energy efficiency. Many roofing systems have extremely low R-values, and therefore cost their building owners money every single day. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. With less heat, air conditioning, and other forms of energy leaving your building, you should see a decline in your utilities and maintenance bill. Energy Energy-efficient roofing material can significantly reduce the amount of energy usage, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions as well as the utility bills. Different climatic conditions demand different types of roofing materials to conserve energy. Light-colored, highly reflective surface, for instance, are suitable for warm southern climate, while dark, heat-absorbing roof surfaces are best in the […]

Punishing Snowfall May Impact Your Commercial Roof

Chaffee Roofing is ever at the ready, to help commercial building ownerstake an agressive stance this season in fightingsnow loads on their rooftops. Overt he past few years, and as a result of Global Warming, the latest burst of superstorms has demonstrated the impact severe weather systems can inflict upon commercial buildings. Researchers have warned us that changes in the jet stream increase the frequency and severity of harsh storms that include massive storm surge and crippling winds. Hurricane Sandy-like events must be acknowledged and prepared for well in advance. They are not the anomalies they once were. “Not that long ago, the term ‘storms of the century’ described a rare occurrence. Now it can happen every year,” says Steve Chaffee, president of Chaffee Roofing. “Your commercial roof must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios, not just averages. We have to adjust our thinking and adapt accordingly.” “You just never know when your buildings will get clobbered. The responsible way to protect them is with a partner like Chaffee Roofing. Loop us into the network and you have our teams instantly deployed to ease those loads before they reach hazardous levels,” says Chaffee, whose self-sufficient teams bring their own supplies and generators to storm-torn areas so they can immediately set to rehabilitating the damaged roofs and building envelopes. Remote building management made possible. Don’t cancel your vacation. Manage your […]

Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Contractor

As a facilities manager, you understand that the responsibility of maintenance for a commercial roof carries with it a lot of work and worry, but the right choice in a commercial roofing contractor can significantly improve your ability to get your job done. Choosing the right roofing contractor is a matter of finding the right fit for your needs, as well as the needs of the building that you manage. Getting funding is only the first step you must take when arranging such a project. To make sure the job is done right, hiring a roofing contractor with the proper qualifications is vital. Return on Your Investment When considering commercial roofing contractors, it can be tempting to decide based on pricing. But, while this may save your business money in the short term, over the long haul, this decision can be costly. In order to offer a bid below cost, the materials used could be cheaper than is required, or the contractor may be uninsured, leaving you with little recourse should the work later fail. By seeking out a qualified contractor, you can have confidence in your facility’s future. Do Your Homework Make sure you’re hiring a commercial roofing contractor with the right qualifications for your project, just like you would when hiring someone in your company. Reputable contractors are often members of trade or professional organizations and should have a […]

Recovering vs Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Even though most commercial roofing systems are created to provide your building with long-term performance, many can still develop problems during their lifespan. With improper installation, less than stellar design, or poor maintenance all can have a negative impact on your roof. When looking to fix a damaged commercial roof, there are four choices:  replace, recover, repair, or recoat. Repair Some problems on a roof can be minor and easily repaired, so they don’t warrant the expense of a replacement. Re-cover Not all damaged roofs need replacing. If the roof is fundamentally sound and has good installation, the most effective solution is to re-cover. In many cases, if a roof has only one membrane you can put another on top. However, keep in mind that a roof can only be re-covered once. Replace Sometimes a roof isn’t a good candidate for a re-cover if the damage is too extensive. If a roof has been re-covered once before, you need to replace it. Coating Many commercial roofs can be coated to extend their life. No matter which solution you choose, or if you need help making the decision, Chaffee Roofing can be your partner in the repair or replacement of your commercial roof. http://www.passexamvce.com/http://www.itcert-online.com/640-916 dumps pdf200-310 book200-355 vce210-060 dumps1z0-808 dumps352-001 exam74-678n10-0061z0-062 study guide220-901 vce210-065 vcejn0-102 exam cost300-101 route pdfsy0-401 pdf dump

Snow Removal Services for Commercial Roofs

Chaffee Roofing is committed to providing service that keeps roofs from gaining the weight of snow loads or high water levels.  There are several key steps to commercial roofing safety, from technology on the roof, to winter maintenance, to snow removal.  Keep the followin mind when keeping your commercial roof in fighting shape: Technology on the Roof There are various kinds of technology that safeguard roofs of commercial structures and the lives, investments and businesses that rely on them.  These systems are designed to monitor live loads of water and snow on the roofs of low-sloped buildings and to inform businesses of potential risk. Inspection of the Roof Inspection of your commercial roof every year is essential. The sooner you can identify what the problem spots might be can save a roof from winter disasters.  By keeping drains clean and free of debris, you lessen the likelihood that water will accumulate on the roof from improper drainage.  This can be especially important when the with snow melts, which is even heavier on the roof.  Getting Chaffee Roofing maintenance before the harsh winter weather can save you time, money, and heartburn. Snow Removal Make sure to work with a professional roofing company like Chaffee to create a system for commercial roof snow removal  With many roof collapses noted in the news in the last few years, having strong […]

How Infrared Technology Revolutionizes Commercial Roofing Issues

A commercial roof replacement can be quite costly for building owners, Using infrared technology, a commercial roofing contractor can determine the true condition of the insulation under the membrane of the roof, as will as provide a wider range of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. Thermal or infrared energy is light that is not visible because its wavelength is too long to be detected by the human eye. It is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived as heat. Thermography, or thermal imaging, refers to the process of recording the emission of thermal or infrared radiation by employing the use of a thermal imaging device or infrared camera. In Chaffee’s Infrared Moisture Analysis, an infrared camera detects infrared energy and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations. Infrared cameras use sensors called bolometers. They look at one part of the spectrum we can’t see, infrared, and convert the information into a picture we can see. A common misconception is that people looking at an image think they are seeing temperature readings, but they’re really seeing a representation of the thermal radiation on the surface. In roofing, there are many potential false indications, so training is the key. To get the maximum out of the technology, you really have to […]

Your Commercial Roof Demands Immediate Attention

Commercial roof repairs consume a large part of a property owner’s overall budget. Whether it’s from snow load, or the accumulation of snow on your rooftop, age, or poor workmanship, your roof may be suffering from some critical issues. The following are some possible dangers that may result in costly repairs, or potentially harming people: 1. Ponding Water Stagnant or “ponding” water is water that is left on a roof for over two days. Because many commercial buildings have a flat roof, this stagnant water can penetrate the roofing membrane and cause damage to various components of the roof system located beneath the membrane. Most flat roofs are built with some sort of pitch or slop to avoid pooling, such as a added tapered rigid insulation, but sometimes this pooling is inevitable. Additionally, the sun’s UV rays can heat up a hot bituminous roof system and produce gaps in the membrane which clog drains. A regularly inspected roof, looking for impediments like blocked or jammed drains can go a long way to avoiding the accumulation of water, 2. Shoddy Workmanship Poor workmanship is another factor that reduces a roof system’s life expectancy. Although roof replacement can be expensive, this investment can be a money pit if you do not employ a professional roofing company that is known to deliver high quality roofing solutions. Many roofing companies compromise on the quality […]

Commercial Roofing Issues to Watch for in Winter

Winter weather is especially hard on your roof. The snow and ice and the freezing and thawing can create several problems that may lead to costly roofing repairs if not adequately addressed. Wind Damage Many commercial buildings have flat roofs to accommodate mounted HVAC systems. While we call the roof flat, there is still a slight pitch to direct water off of the roof so that it is does not pond on the surface and rot out the roof. Yet when you add the extra element of wind, the roof can sustain enough damage to allow moisture to get underneath the felt sheets, bitumen or EPDM roofing materials. Start with a commercial roof inspection before winter weather comes (sometime in the fall is the best time to do this), and check for areas where the seal between strips of commercial roofing material might be coming loose, signs of standing water or water damage, or things like rusted flashing and metal fasteners. It doesn’t take much wind to cause significant damage to flat commercial roof systems.  A damaged commercial roof can lead to building damage, endanger the people working or shopping in the building, and put your company at risk for significant structural damage and lost productivity if it collapses or becomes damaged during the winter months. Avoid these potential disastrous scenarios by preparing your commercial […]

Autumn is Perfect for Preventative Maintenance on Commercial Roofs

Good commercial roof preventative maintenance practices include semiannual inspections. And Autumn is the perfect time of year to schedule this service. While today’s commercial roofing systems are durable and much more resilient than they were 10 years ago, neglecting autumn roof preventative maintenance can lead to premature roof failure. For the best insurance against the high replacements costs associated with damaged roofing systems, the commercial roofing industry recommends semiannual inspections and maintenance. During the summer months, intense UV rays, torrential downpours and strong winds can wreak havoc on a roof. Even the strongest roofs can be damaged or become victims to the elements. Having a professional commercial roofing company perform an autumn audit of your roof’s condition, you can identify existing roof issues and repair them prior to going into the winter months. This increases the life of your roof which can translate into big financial savings for you. Typical Autumn Roof Preventative Maintenance and Inspections The typical autumn survey includes a visual check of the interior ceiling and walls for water staining, followed by a careful rooftop examination of the membrane and base flashings, edge metal, roof adhesives and penetrations. The field of the roof is examined and ballast or roof coatings (if applicable) are inspected for integrity. The inspector is looking for loose flashing, missing fasteners, displaced or deformed metal, corrosion, seam integrity, […]

Comparison of Roofing Membranes

There are many choices to make when you are looking to replace your commercial roof. Due to the number and complexity of options facilities managers often leave this decision to their roofing contractor. Other times, architects will decide. But arming yourself with this knowledge will give you the opportunity to ask pertinent questions. Flat roof systems are long term capital investments that will protect your building for decades to come. Making sure you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned dollars is just a sensible thing to do. Bear in mind that the best product in the world will still fail if improperly installed. Success is almost always a collaboration of (1) a quality product installed by a (2) quality commercial roofing contractor. If you remove one part from that equation it is generally unreasonable to expect that you will get the best results. Remove both from the equation? Well, I’m sure you can do the math. The following are some points for comparison in commercial roofing products: Breaking Strength A majority of TPO roofing systems that are installed are mechanically fastened to the roof deck. Breaking strength is a critical measurement of a sheet’s strength if the membrane is ever subjected to extreme forces, such as excessive wind, against the fasteners that hold it in place. The ASTM breaking strength test consists of a […]