What Makes EPDM Roofing So Much More Durable

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene terpolymer Membrane, but it could also mean Excellent Prime Durable Membrane. It is an ideal choice for flat roofs. In New England you will see it in use over large commercial buildings as well as on the roofs of smaller companies and office blocks. We use it extensively at Chaffee Roofing, not only because our clients request it but due to the quality and durability of the product. Our clients often ask what is so good about EPDM and what makes it so durable? Let’s take a closer look behind the letters, to see why EPDM is such a popular roofing membrane. Resistance is in the design The design of the EPDM polymer makes it very resistant to exposure to UV light, ozone and the extremes of cold temperature. All this adds up to a membrane which will not crack under sunlight nor the worst of our winter weather. EPDM is also protected from attack by pollutants in the air from the unique design of its chemical components. Dealing with heat The EPDM roofing product has carbon fillers in its composition. The fillers will absorb the UV rays of the sun and convert the energy into heat. The EPDM roof will release the heat slowly back into the atmosphere and will not deteriorate under the pressure of hot days. […]

6 Reasons TPO Roofing Is Better Than PVC

You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a TPO roof and a PVC roof from a distance. Both substances look the same; they are usually some shade of white, and contractors use them on similar roofing projects. Clients often ask us which is the better option and at Chaffee Roofing we tend to come down on the side of TPO. The next questions always begin with a why. Why is TPO better than PVC? Why does Chaffee Roofing think it is better? Why not PVC? To answer your questions we compiled these six reasons why we believe TPO is better than PVC: Let’s take a closer look at each point to see why we prefer TPO to PVC for your roofing project. Puncture Resistance Is Greater in TPO When you put a roof on your building, or buildings, you want it to last. You do not want it puncturing easily, especially when you have a large area to cover. TPO, depending on thickness, is very puncture resistant and is superior to standard PVC at every depth. Stormy conditions drive branches and other debris at high speeds onto roofs. A branch hitting the PVC may easily make a hole, with plenty of rainwater following it. In Cold Climates PVC Shatters This is an essential consideration under our current, unstable climate. We get icy […]

Inspirational Frank Lloyd Wright – East Coast

Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings to work with the surrounding landscape, to be part of the local environment and to cause minimal impact. To say he inspires people today, nearly 60 years since his death, is beyond doubt and is no small measure due to his designs being well ahead of their time. Wright’s love of flat roofs is obvious in his work and is almost a signature touch in his building design. He worked mainly in the Mid-West and California, but his architecture also made its way to the East Coast, with many of his designs becoming finished buildings. Fortunately, there are still examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural delights to view today. Among the inspirational Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on the East Coast are: Crimson Beech-Staten Island Zimmerman House-Manchester, New Hampshire Rayward Shepherd House- New Canaan, Connecticut Theodore Baird Residence- Amherst, Massachusetts Let’s get a little inspiration by looking at each building in a bit more detail. Crimson Beech -Staten Island The only Frank Lloyd Wright residential dwelling in New York. Though not open to the public, passersby can still see his unique design and marvel at how the roof seems to work perfectly with the building it protects. The house is a pre-fabricated one, which was unusual on the East Coast at the time and was completed shortly before Wright’s death in […]

The Difference Between PVC And TPO Commercial Roofing

The Difference Between PVC And TPO Commercial Roofing We regularly get clients, both old and new, asking ‘what exactly is the difference between PVC and TPO commercial roofing?’ At Chaffee Roofing we like a good question and we like to give good answers too. All part of the service. On the surface TPO and PVC don’t look much different. They tend to be white and both are heat welded into place. There are some significant differences however, which may make an overall difference to you when deciding between the two. Let’s take a closer look at these two flat roofing membranes to see which will best suit your project. Where Do They Stand On Durability? The durability of any product should be an important factor in your decision making PVC is good on puncture resistance, depending on the thickness of the membrane. Clients find TPO to be excellent and TPO does not need to be as thick to be as puncture resistant as PVC. TPO does not shrink over time, but PVC can and this will cause many problems on a roofing job. Both products are resistant to chemical spillages but PVC would be a lot more durable than its rival. If you have a chemical outlet near or on your roof, or any food grease byproducts, PVC may be the better option. Any Differences […]

Rhode Island Leading the Way In Manufacturing

Chaffee Roofing has repaired and installed commercial flat roofing for factories and warehouses for years. One thing we’ve learned? There’s no time for shut-down when your business is growing. We understand that you need to do your best to avoid losing a day for any construction needs. We Get It Not only do you not want to shut down, but you need to keep your machinery intact. Companies invest in machinery that must be kept absolutely dust free. We get it: We’ve developed a streamlined pre-job system that manages risk by covering sensitive machinery with tarps to protect them from dust, for example, and scheduling roofing work over special areas during down times. Or, we can work with outside company’s, like Tuffwrap, to completely cover the underside of the structural decking. How does this apply to Rhode Island’s booming industry? Rhode Island is Happening Rhode Island is beginning to stroll around with a new spring in its step as it sees Amgen, a biotechnology company with a presence in more than 100 countries, has announced that it will build a “$160 million ‘next generation’” plant in West Greenwich, a charming town that just over 6,000 Rhode Islanders call home. And about 20 miles away, in Warwick, an innovative company named Aquamotion has just on the AHR Expo 2018 Innovation Award for the most innovative plumbing […]

3 Considerations For Your Next Roofing Project

You are sitting at your desk, pencil in hand, scratch pad before you, wrestling with a new project – your 30-year-old flat commercial roof needs to be replaced. Or perhaps you need to decide whether to invest in substantial repairs to your commercial roof or to have it completely removed and replaced – after just 15 years. Whatever your next roofing project will entail, you need to make sound decisions at its planning stage or you may find that you have to devote time and resources to solve problems during the repair or replacement of your roof. Did you know that, in 2016, the Connecticut Better Business Bureau received more enquiries about roofing contractors than any other industry classification –  4,738, 212. So – we are here to simplify matters for you. 3 Things to Ponder IBSWorld, the acclaimed industry research firm, has identified the three factors that most influence the success of a roofing business like Chaffee Industrial Roofing: And successful roofing businesses deliver options, planning, workmanship, products, and the after-care that exceed the expectations of discerning clients. So, how do you find out if a roofing company has contacts within key markets? One way to evaluate whether a roofing company has contacts in its identified target market – the commercial roofing market – is to do some research: Visit their website and look […]

Commercial Structures Creating Vibrancy in Connecticut

Hartford is happening. And Chaffee Roofing is poised to see the differences as Hartford reinvents itself. Installing and repairing commercial roofs for over 100 years, Chaffee has won industrial accolades for its performance, including a nod from CertainTeed Saint-Gobain as a Gold Standard Contractor, and the Centurion Award for installing its 100th perfect 10 roof. As a roofing contractor specializing in flat commercial roofs in the northeastern United States, Chaffee Roofing salutes Hartford as it picks itself and dusts itself off. Historic buildings of charm and character that have sat empty on what were once bustling streets are morphing into new spaces: An investor spent 36-million dollars changing the office supply building on Capitol Street into Capitol Lofts, and urban dwellers who want to live where they can walk to restaurants, shops, and cafes, are lining up for lofts. And you may know that two fellows known as the Goodwin brothers built a snazzy upscale apartment building in 1881 that later became a landmark hotel in Hartford, and in 2017 a restoration resulted in the Goodwin Boutique hotel that exudes an urban chic. The city of Mark Twain is standing up on two feet while snapping its suspenders, and developers, architects, business people, politicians, millennials looks for a mid-sized city that mixes a laidback vibe with urban offerings and, yes, roofers, are talking notice. In […]

5 Reasons You Should Install EPDM Roofing

EDPM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber. For those of you who are not heavily into chemistry, EDPM is used to make water hoses for gardens, pond liners, window seals, solar panels, and, yes, roofs. And America likes EDPM single-ply roofing – 1-billion square feet of EPDM roofing is installed every year in our country, which translates to a whopping 35% of our roofing market. So, why is EDPM so strikingly popular in America? Here are five reasons why: EPDM Roofing – also known as rubber roofing – is less expensive that other flat roofing According to this popular online roofing calculator, the average rubber roof will cost 4 to 6 dollars per square foot: Polyvinyl chloride or PVC roofing and thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is estimated to cost between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. Chaffee Roofing offers an expert cost estimation service. Rubber roofs resist damaging UV rays The warm rays of the sun make our lakes sparkle, our purple lilacs flourish, and dry up muddy lands in spring, but our roofs do not benefit from ultraviolet (UV) rays beating down on them. Why? UV rays change the chemical structure of materials, like asphalt, which can result in a roof’s surface cracking, shrinking, and becoming brittle. Rubber roofs resist UV rays – EDPM is often used on recreational vehicles (RVs) for […]

What Happens Before Your Roof Construction Starts

You have decided to invest in new flat roofing or rubber roofing. You are not alone. Over 1 billion square feet of EPDM have been installed on roofs on this planet over the last 40 years, resisting UV radiation, low and high temperatures, ravaging hail, and time. Before the work of installing your rubber roofing begins, and after you have settled on your roof design with your Chaffee project manager, our operations team will have what we call a “prejob” meeting with everyone on your team who is responsible for your roof. What To Expect At A Chaffee Prejob Meeting At Chaffee Roofing, we like to hold our prejob meeting on your roof. Why? We have learned that actually standing on a roof with the people who are responsible for its care is an efficient way to learn about your roof and its environment. We learn: Now that we have established where our prejob meeting will he held, and why, let’s move on to our review of how your business operates and how this could affect our plans for the installation of your rubber roofing.  These three real-world examples from past projects exemplify the kind of factors that can affect our installation plan: Our installation plan is driven by your needs, whatever they may be. We do not underestimate the cost – to you – […]

Obstacles of Industries: How Our Installation Factors In Your Business

Chaffee Roofing knows New England: We are a third-generation, family-owned roofing company that has installed over 30 million square feet of roofing for prolific companies and start-ups. Why should this information matter to you, as you set out to find the right roofing contractor for your business? Let us share 3 compelling reasons that you should consider an established roofer that has left a long line of satisfied customers in its wake. Chaffee Roofing removes the drama from roof installation Principia, the prolific consulting firm, published a report titled Commercial Roofing 2016, pointing out that as the demand for commercial roofing has increased in recent years, so has consumer demand for better service – before, during, and after installation. But as consumers look for roofing companies who will work with them as true partners in improving their commercial real estate, they are finding that roofers are not uniformly up to this task. The Better Business Bureau received more complaints about roofers and utility contractors, in 2016, than any other type of businesses. Ouch. Chaffee Roofing does not deal in surprises and drama. We know that you have better things to do than micro-manage your roofing contractor. You will hardly know that we are there Well, this is a (slight) exaggeration. Let us just say that as we install your roof, we make every decision through […]